VINDICATION: Another Left Wing Publication Admits Donald Trump Is The “Big Winner” Of Biden Document Scandal

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When the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, Mar-A-Lago, and confiscated federal documents that had been classified, conservatives and MAGA supporters rallied around the 45th president. Trump immediately cooperated and stated publicly that he himself had declassified the documents before leaving the Oval Office, as is the prerogative of a sitting president.

But, now that Joe Biden has been found to be in possession of classified documents dating back to the Obama White House era when Biden was vice president, all on the left are not rushing to his rescue with excuses. Not only do the documents possibly connect to Biden’s son Hunter and the shady international business dealings of Hunter and Joe Biden, but Biden as VP did not have presidential power to declassify the documents, leaving them classified.

Trending Politics reports on yet another liberal media outlet that is calling out the situation.

‘The Guardian’ is one of the most far-left publications on the internet, and even they are saying Donald Trump is the “big winner” of Biden’s classified document scandal. This is a surprise considering the countless hit pieces that the Guardian has launched against Trump over the last 7 years. “The discovery of government secrets at two locations associated with Joe Biden appears to have produced one big political winner: Donald Trump,” wrote columnist David Smith. “Another special counsel is already examining the ex-president’s retention of top secret papers at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate, and club. Although the situations are very different, the nuances and subtleties are likely to be lost in the court of public opinion,” he continued.

Smith then quoted Larry Sabato, writing:

“This may be pure sloppiness on Biden’s part or the Biden team’s part but it doesn’t matter,” said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. “In the public mind, now they will say, ‘Well, a pox on both your houses. You’re both guilty. Shame on you both.’ It’s over.”

The issue could become a continuing political headache for Biden, Sabato added. “It’s just a real distraction. It was totally unnecessary. Every White House makes mistakes and this is a big one they made.”

Smith goes on to say that although the two cases are “different”, the political narrative against Trump becomes harder to solidify in the minds of voters. They also said it makes it “harder” to actually bring charges against Trump:

Jay Town, who served as US attorney in the northern district of Alabama during the Trump administration, told the Associated Press: “I don’t think that it impacts Trump’s legal calculus at all, but it certainly does impact the political narrative going forward. To the extent that the political narrative is a consideration, it does make it harder to bring charges against former President Trump as it relates to the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.”

On Saturday, the FOURTH stash of classified documents was found, after a slow-drip media campaign that seems intended to push the increasingly unpopular Biden out of office before 2024.

“President Biden’s aides found five more pages of classified information at his Delaware home on Thursday, the White House said on Saturday, bringing the tally to six pages uncovered this week,” the Times reported on Saturday.

“The additional pages, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said, were discovered hours after a White House statement on Thursday that cited only one that had turned up in a storage area adjacent to the garage of the president’s home in Wilmington. Justice Department personnel had gone to retrieve that page, which Mr. Biden’s aides had discovered the night before, when they found the five additional pages,” the report added.

“The revelation came as Mr. Biden’s lawyers provided new details about their unfolding discovery over the past two months of classified materials from his time as vice president at his house and an office he used before beginning his 2020 campaign for the White House,” the Times continued. “Attorney General Merrick B. Garland appointed a special counsel on Thursday to investigate Mr. Biden’s handling of sensitive records.”

“They also defended their decision not to be fully forthcoming about the matter,” the Times said. “The White House has been criticized over its public disclosures, including why it did not reveal the discoveries much earlier, and why, when it acknowledged on Monday that some classified files had been found at Mr. Biden’s office on Nov. 2, it did not indicate that more had been found at his house the next month.”

It has come out that one stash of classified documents was found at Biden’s Wilmington home garage. It appears that his son Hunter Biden had access to this garage, due to him claiming residence there in multiple documents. There is strong evidence the documents are related to Ukraine, Trending Politics reports.

Despite most liberal media outlets blasting Trump and excusing Biden, the tide is turning around the facts.


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