Viewers Repulsed By What Biden Caught Doing To Female Reporter In Live Interview

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The Democrat Party prides itself in public as being proactive about women’s rights and respecting the privacy and dignity of females while trying to appeal to the feminist movement for votes- yet in reality, how their top leaders treat women is actually disgraceful, and that goes for the top most leader of the party, Democrat POTUS- Joe Biden.

The top most Democrat is known for his outrageous treatment of women and little girls, yet the Democrat Party can not get enough of this handsy guy. Biden has been photographed and filmed for much of his 50 years as a public servant sniffing, licking, and feeling up many different females when they get into arm’s reach of his touch.

In a recent grabby kind of incident with a female reporter, Biden showed how he uses gestures like grabbing people to redirect them from the topics they are interested in investigating, turning everything into some kind of joke or weird situation when he has been busted on his crazy ideas or doesn’t want his massive grift of public funds and power to be exposed.

The Weather Channel was excited about the chance to talk to Biden about Weather and promoted the show:

“Joe Biden sat down with The Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams for an interview.

The topic was climate change and extreme weather as Biden visited the Grand Canyon on Tuesday.

The Weather Channel said the full interview will air on the network on Wednesday starting at 6 a.m. ET on America’s Morning Headquarters. It will be replayed throughout the day on the channel’s streaming app.

The White House has been focusing in part on Biden appearances in non-traditional media, in as much as The Weather Channel is an alternative to Beltway media. Last month, Biden sat for an interview for Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast.”

Yeah- Biden is so ‘non-traditional”, isn’t he?

Nothing has deterred female Democrat voters from catapulting Biden into the most powerful position, where he has free access to man-handle women, who watch from the sidelines as Biden exploits his powerful positions to intimidate women into being subjugated for Biden’s pleasure.

As Biden is exposed for more and more corruption, the public is again confronted that our President is one of the most unserious, offensive, and corrupt men in the United States of America- and he doesn’t even try to hide it.

The horrifying stories of Biden’s abuse of women is legendary, yet his supporters will defend him being elected over and over and over again.

The photos of him groping little girls, even on the floor of the US Senate, as they stand with their families- is a well know open “secret”.

Secret only because these are the things that we are not supposed to see or discuss- because of the amount of political power Biden has.

The New York Post reported on the last molestation of a reporter, detailing Biden rubbing and feeling up a female journalist recently.

“Biden was bugging out during a rare interview that aired early Wednesday.

The handsy 80-year-old commander-in-chief reached out and brushed an insect off meteorologist Stephanie Abrams’ chest in an awkward moment during his chat with The Weather Channel.

Biden — who has long been accused of being overly touchy — was dodging a question about why he has not declared the climate a national emergency when he spotted the errant insect crawling on Abrams’ suit jacket.

“Oh, you’ve got a bug on you,” he muttered, quickly reaching out and flicking the critter off Abrams’ upper chest.

“Thanks, appreciate it,” the interviewer said, before rapidly stirring the conversation back to climate.

Biden has previously vowed to “be more mindful” of personal space after being accused by several women of inappropriate hugs, rubs, and caresses.”

The Post went on to report more details of the very awkward situation:

He blamed changing “social norms” for his behavior now being frowned upon. “I get it. I hear what they’re saying, I understand it and I’ll be much more mindful,” he said in 2019.

Just before the unexpected entomological interruption, Abrams grilled Biden on whether he was prepared to declare a national emergency on climate change — a move that would unlock temporary executive powers to ramp up renewable energy production, free up federal funds for disaster relief and curb oil drilling and US investment in fossil fuels.

“Already done that,” Biden shot back. “Nationally, we’ve conserved more land, we’ve moved in to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. We’ve passed the $360 billion climate control facility. We’re moving. It is the existential threat.”

Watch as Biden pretends to deflect an insect from a woman, as she questioned him about his freaky “climate change” agenda:

The reaction from Twitter users was predictable from the party of rational and sane people, who oppose Biden’s agenda and policies:

“Good thing he didn’t try to get the bug with his tongue. Baby steps!” Freedom in Florida wrote.

Many posters made reference to Biden’s other bizarre and awkward deflections from the stories that most concern the American people.

This one sums it all up in one meme:

The American people deserve so much better.


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