Two Lifelong Democrats FLIP – Officially Join Republican Party Because of Biden

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Democrat Joe Biden has caused such a disaster on the Southern Border that Texas Democrats want President Donald J. Trump’s policies back, they want his leadership and they are fleeing the Democrat Party over it.

And along the way, at least two former Democrat judges are declaring that the border is such a disaster it is an official illegal ‘invasion’.

Though Texas has been getting ‘Operation Lone Star money’ for over a year, the debate over immigration policies has become more heated recently as Democrat County Judge Cinderela Guevara joined Republican judges and issued a formal declaration of “invasion” by undocumented migrants before she switched parties.

She wasn’t alone.

“Two life-long Democrats recently announced they will be running for re-election as Republicans, in part, because of the worsening border crisis under President Joe Biden,” Martin Walsh reported on Thursday.

They may have gotten a heads-up about the future plans of the Biden administration, as well.

Biden had said earlier in the month that he felt that his administration was doing enough to safeguard the country at the border.

Fox News reported recently on Biden’s disastrous future plans for the border, “during an interview on “America’s Newsroom,” Thursday, Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., hammered the Biden administration for insisting they are “doing enough” to address the escalating border crisis, arguing that their policies are designed to “speed” people into the United States.

Rep Mark Green: It’s infuriating because it’s intentional deception. You know, when we were down there on the border, Trace, we we were told by CBP that they were ordered to turn off the seismic fiber optic sensors, ordered to turn off the cameras. I mean, you look at everything, whether it’s the 2023 budget for Homeland Security or this interim final rule that they’re trying to implement. 

Everything is designed to speed people into the United States and the drug cartels know this. So they target one sector with mass waves of people. CBP pulls people from one sector of the line over to process those individuals, and then the drugs just come pouring into those empty sectors. And we witness this firsthand. 

And here are some consequences of the Democrat’s disaster:

Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers and Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara — two females in Texas border communities — voiced frustration with Biden’s border policies destroying their small communities,”  Walsh reported for Conservative Brief, pointing to a Center Square article.

“The single reason they switched parties, they say, is because the Biden administration’s policies led to more than 2 million people coming through the southern border from over 150 countries. The costs of crime stemming from an open border – increased trafficking and smuggling of people, weapons, and guns – to their communities has prompted them to say, “enough is enough” and do something about it,” Bethany Blankley wrote.

Carruthers said, “I come from a Hispanic heritage, which was prominently Democrat. The chaos at the border and everything that’s been going on make me realize that I needed to switch parties. I am very happy to be a Republican and to represent this great state of Texas as a judge.”

“I’ve been a Democrat since 1992,” Guevara said. “I’ve always ran as a Democrat and this is my first year to run as a Republican. I’m very grateful for Gov. Abbott for all he has done for Texas and continues to do for Texas, especially with our border crisis.”

Rumors continue to swirl that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “expected” to retire or “step back” after November’s midterm elections.

A new report reveals that California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is positioning himself as heir to Pelosi’s speakership if she chooses to retire after Republicans likely win back the House. Pelosi, for her part, has announced that she will seek re-election in November.

The Washington Post reports that Schiff’s efforts have “focused on consolidating support among his home base” in California, but that he “has not made an explicit ask for endorsements.”

Instead, the Post says Schiff “is gauging members’ interest and planting the seed that leading the caucus is his goal.”

Last year, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo reported that Pelosi may be planning to step down.

During a segment on Fox, Bartiromo said that sources had told her that Pelosi is stepping down after Democrats pass Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

“First, this morning is exclusive, sources tell Sunday Morning Futures there is speculation swirling in Washington that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may step down after getting the massive spending package through,” she said.

“So all those Democrat members who had their arms twisted to vote on the multitrillion-dollar package and put their own reelection in jeopardy may be fuming to learn that the speaker could be planning a cut and run,” she added.

Back in July, a report from The Atlantic claimed that Pelosi will be stepping down as Speaker “in the not-so-distant future.”

“Sometime in the not-so-distant future, probably after next year’s midterm elections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce that she’s stepping down,” it said.

“Her top deputies… aspire to her job, but they’re also in their early 80s, and most Democrats in and out of Congress are counting on them to step aside too. Of course, they all have stock responses denying that anyone is ever going anywhere,” The Atlantic said. “But the day is coming.”


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