Trump would BEAT DeSantis by more than 17 POINTS if the Republican primary was held today: Poll

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump is still the most popular Republican as a likely 2024 Republican nominee, which proves Trump and his platform has enduring control of Republicans, even though Gov. Ron DeSantis is rumored to be running for the position as well.

Even though Trump has been hounded with numerous accusations from his opponents since leaving the White House,  according to a new Morning Consult survey of 3,763 potential Republican primary voters published on Wednesday.

Trump is running on an America First agenda for 2024 he is calling his “National Greatness Agenda”.

Outlining his plans for a third presidential term, Trump unveiled the details of the plan in November when he announced he was running.

“First and foremost, President Trump made sure to affirm that his campaign will be driven by the interests of the American people. “This will be our campaign, all together, because the only force strong enough to beat the massive corruption we are up against is you, the American people,” he said, as reported by RSBN.

The “National Greatness Agenda” would combat the catastrophic radical policies of the Democrat Party and “restore the spirit of our nation” that has withered under Joe Biden, who Trump called “the face of left-wing failure and Washington corruption,”Trump said at the announcement.

Trump affirmed that he will again prioritize bringing supply chains and manufacturing back to the United States “as we were strongly doing during the Trump administration, and we will systematically bring back wealth, health, and success to the American middle class, and to America itself,” the president added.

As illegal immigration continues to plague the nation while the Biden administration remains aloof, President Trump vowed to “restore and secure America’s border.”

“We will begin the process of safely removing the illegal, alien criminals that have been unlawfully allowed into our country. We have no choice, ” Trump said. “We will stop the flow of deadly drugs and horrible human trafficking, which both have been set upon us like never before.”

Forty-eight percent of respondents said they want the former president to top the GOP ticket for a third time, beating out DeSantis, who is the runner-up with 31 percent support, by a wide 17-point margin.

This news comes after multiple polls suggested DeSantis could edge out Trump as the Republican favorite.  The 2024 election campaign season has hardly begun yet- so it may really be too soon to tell.

Though the Florida governor has not explicitly shared interest in running for the White House in 2024, his refusal to rule out a potential primary challenge to Trump has infuriated the former president.

In a podcast appearance on the right-wing show The Water Cooler earlier this week, Trump dismissed DeSantis as a legitimate challenger and took credit for his narrow 2018 victory for the Tallahassee executive mansion – a race Trump endorsed in.

‘Now I hear he might want to run against me,’ the ex-president said on the program. ‘So we’ll handle that the way I handle things.’

The Daily Mail reported:

As consistent with most similar polls, Trump and DeSantis are the top two runaway favorites at this moment in the election cycle. No other candidate manages to crack 10 percent.

Trump’s former vice president, Mike Pence, is in third place with 8 percent of the hypothetical vote.

After him is former Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney with three percent, and then Texas Sen. Ted Cruz along with former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley – both of whom have two points each.

But among the crowd of potential candidates, Trump stands alone as the only one who’s formally declared he’s even running.

In a lavish ceremony in the ballroom of his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on November 15, Trump announced he was running for a third shot at the White House.

But the campaign got off to a somewhat slow start with relatively little fanfare, compared to the splash he made in 2016 as an outsider candidate and his bombastic case for re-election from the bully pulpit of the White House in 2020.

He’s finally holding his first official 2024 campaign event later this month, more than two months after filing paperwork to run.

The event will take place in Columbia, South Carolina, according to the 2024 Trump. campaign.

He’s be there on January 28 to unveil his South Carolina leadership team, per the release.

Joining him will be South Carolina’s Republican Governor Henry McMaster and its senior senator, Lindsey Graham, a staunch Trump ally in Congress.

One conspicuously absent name was that of South Carolina’s other senator, Republican Tim Scott, who’s been generating his own 2024 buzz.

But if Wednesday’s poll is any indication, he may fall by the wayside. Scott was the top 2024 choice for just one percent of survey respondents.

The state is a notable choice for Trump’s first official appearance on the 2024 campaign trail. It’s now the first state in Democrats’ 2024 primary cycle after the national party moved to overhaul its races.


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