TRUMP VINDICATED: Federal Prosecutors Reveal President Trump Rejected Offer To Purchase Stolen Ashley Biden Diary

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New information about FBI proceedings is coming to light in the case of President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden’s personal writings.

In 2020, Ashley Biden had stored some personal property in Delray Beach, Florida in a house where a friend was living.

Ashley planned to store the items there and pick them up at a later date.

Aimee Harris had been staying at that friend’s home where the items were stored.

Harris had been accused of stealing the items and attempting to sell them.

With the help of Harris’ friend Robert Kurlander, the two conceived a scheme to profit from the sale of the items.

Prosecutors say that Kurlander contacted Project Veritas, which asked for photos of the material and then paid for the two to bring it to New York.

The two brokered a deal to sell the items to the non-profit investigative organization, Project Veritas.

The duo contacted at least one political figure and multiple other conservative publications, and Project Veritas finally purchased the diary for a reported $40,000.

Prosecutors said that when asked, the pair returned to try and procure more of Ashley Biden’s property.

Despite spending over $40,000 for the diary, Project Veritas never published any content from Ashley Biden’s journal.

Project Veritas has said it received the diary from “tipsters” who said it had been abandoned in a room.

The group said it turned the diary over to law enforcement and never did anything illegal.

According to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, the organization “was not involved in any theft of property and that all of Project Veritas’ information on how the confidential sources found the property came from the sources themselves.”

The Manhattan Federal court on Thursday ruled that Harris and Kurlander are guilty of “stealing” the diary belonging to the president’s daughter.

The two Florida residents, Harris and Kurlander, plead guilty to transporting “stolen property” as deemed by our Judiciary, across state lines.

The Guardian reported:

“Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander pled guilty to conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property involving the theft of personal belongings of an immediate family member of a then former government official who was a candidate for national political office,” the US attorney’s office in the southern district of New York announced in a statement on Thursday.”

40-year-old Aimee Harris and 58-year-old Robert Kurlander, based on their guilty plea could face up to five years in prison.

The items were, reportedly, a personal diary, tax records, a digital device with family photos, and a cellphone.

The contents of Ashley Biden’s diary are reportedly concerning personal and family matters.

One of the disturbing details in the diary concerns Ashley’s interaction with her father, President Joe Biden when she was a child.

Details in the writing reveal how Joe Biden took inappropriate showers with his daughter during her young days, and how Ashley now feels about that as an adult.

The Daily Mail reported:

“Ashley Biden, a drug addict, left her personal diary under a mattress in a palm Beach, Florida halfway house where when stayed during a rehab stint. The diary reportedly details her drug abuse, sex addiction, and her being ‘hypersexualized’. Ashley Biden also recounts times she showered with her father when she was young, something she allegedly wrote was “probably not appropriate’.”

The Daily Mail also reported that Ashley “had written about her financial troubles, saying she was ‘Down to the wore’.”

Another entry in the diary “recounts alleged sexual abuse by a family member, according to an alleged entry in her diary:

“I have always been boy crazy. Hypersexualized @a young age…I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member} ;I remember having sex with [email protected] a young age; showers with my dad (probably not appropriate).”

Testimonies from the duo show that before selling the diary to Project Veritas, Harris and Kurlander attempted to sell the diary to the Trump Team.

The pair attended a Trump campaign event on September 6, 2020 “with the intent of showing the Victim’s stolen property to a campaign representative … hoping that the political campaign would purchase it,” the trial report reads.

But court filings show that the Trump campaign not only refused the offer to purchase Ashley Biden’s diary, containing sensitive and damaging information on Joe Biden but also advised the duo to hand over the property to the FBI.

Reports released by Federal Prosecutors reveal that President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign refused to obtain the personal diary belonging to the then-Presidential candidate, Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, Raging Americans reports.

After the pair offered the diary to the Trump campaign and the organizations refused, Kurlander texted Harris back in September that The Trump campaign “can’t use it — They want it to go to the FBI. There is NO WAY [Trump] can use this. It has to be done a different way.” The texts read.

Trump Organization was not named in any of the filings of the offense.


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