Trump Toured His Golf Course In DC This Week Because He Is Planning Upgrades, Insiders Claim

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Donald Trump visited Washington, D.C. over the weekend, generating wild rumors and speculation.

The former president arrived in the nation’s capital early Saturday, according to YouTuber Andrew Leydon.

In the wake of last month’s unprecedented raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, there was a lot of speculation online about the ongoing federal investigation into the former president – particularly that he had come to DC to turn himself in to federal authorities.

“Here’s Donald Trump arriving unannounced tonight at Dulles outside DC. Nobody knows why. He’s in what appear to be white golf shoes and a golf shirt. Gets into a blacked-out SUV. Very, very interesting,” Ed Greenberger tweeted along with the video.

“Something weird is going on. No one – and I mean no one – knows why Donald has arrived in DC tonight, looking disheveled in golf clothes. It could be something totally inconsequential, but something tells me it’s not,” a verified Twitter user added.

“Someone just posited he found out FBI was going to search his DC club and flew over to be there? Who knows,” they added.

Of course, the Trump haters were wrong, as usual.

“Online conspiracy theorists fancied they’d spotted a mustachioed former lawyer to the president and a campaigner known for working to overturn the election,” according to the Daily Mail.

On the left, not Ty Cobb. On the right, the real Ty Cobb.

But the fanciful thinking tickled Trump World insiders who said it was nothing quite so exciting: It was a tour of facilities as his company plans upgrades.

‘This is probably the funniest story I’ve heard in years. His family owns and operates golf courses and hotels all around the world,’ said a source familiar with the visit.

‘They visit the courses a lot.’

Trump even played golf after lunch, he added.

Trump golfing on Tuesday

On Twitter, some people trolled the left, which they fell for.

A claim by former Trump fixer Michael Cohen went viral, claiming the former president was meeting with two lawyers before he fell out with him.

Online sleuths speculated that a mustachioed man at the party was Ty Cobb, a former White House lawyer. Even though he is now on TV decrying the actions of his former boss and his upturned facial hair does not bear much resemblance to the figure at the golf course.

‘All these people are insane,’ snickered the insider, laughing at misconstruing of Trump’s visit.

‘They guy showed up at his golf course in golf clothes, rode around in a golf cart. And there are people on the far right who are wondering if it was part of a plan to take back the white house.

‘And you get people on the far left saying its about the FBI coming after him.’

It is likely that the owners will redesign a few holes, as well as do some other work on the course, he said.

Reports by Business Insider claim the course may host the controversial Saudi LIV golf tour following the visit.

One LIV competition was held at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in July; the other will be held at Trump National Doral Miami in October. It is expected that next year’s slate will expand.

Trump was photographed riding in his cart with son Eric, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, during the visit.

Donald and Eric Trump in the front cart

The Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C. officers and Trump’s director of golf are on the tour as well.

One of the greens can be seen being inspected by them.

“Among the party was John Copeland, the founder and president of Superior Golf Concepts, whose white mustache triggered the Cobb claims,” the Mail added.

Speculation about Trump’s visit began even before he arrived in the Washington area.

When his motorcade was spotted en route to Morristown airport near his Bedminster base in New Jersey on Sunday, for the short hop to Dulles International Airport, social media commentators suggested his trip was related to a slew of investigations into his business practices and attempts to cling on to power after the 2020 election.

He arrived dressed in sports gear before being whisked away in a black SUV.

John Ratcliffe, who Trump appointed as Director of National Intelligence (DNI), said on Fox News that the FBI “didn’t find what they were looking” for in the raid of Mar-a-Lago, based on his assessment.

Ratcliffe, who represented Texas’s 4th district from 2015 to 2020 told Fox, “I was a former federal prosecutor, United States attorney. Let me tell you what this is about. Good prosecutors with good cases play it straight. They don’t need to play games.” His statement was in reference to DOJ officials. “They don’t need to shop for judges, they don’t need to leak intelligence that may or may not exist.”

In opposing the appointment of a special master to review allegedly classified documents, the Justice Department “tells you that the government didn’t find what they were looking for,” Ratcliffe added.

“There weren’t nuclear secrets” on Trump’s property, he continued, “and they’re trying to justify what they’ve done. They’re not playing it straight before the American people. I think that that’s going to play out.”


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