Trump says prospects of World War Three keeps him up at night

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World War Three is on the mind of President Donald J. Trump, who talked about his concerning thoughts regarding a variety of topics recently on the radio program ‘Cats At Night’. The show airs in New York City on WABC Radio on weekdays evenings from 5 PM-6 PM. Hosted by John Catsimatidis and is streaming worldwide.

Trump eviscerated Democrat Joe Biden and laid the blame at his feet for being a weak leader, and he slammed other weak Democrats who have caused so much damage to the nation, including his beloved- New York City.

During the program, Trump told Catimatidis that the concerns he had over a potential world war kept him up at night, saying that Ukraine would not have been invaded if he was president, smashing the Democrats and RINOS who are creating the disaster for so much of the world.

“I think we could end up in World War III,” Trump said on the show, saying that his analysis is based on the war between Russia and Ukraine and bringing his concerns over the growing feud over the island nation of Taiwan and its autonomy from the Chinese Community Party.

Also on Trump’s mind was the ‘disaster’ Letitia James has become, the state Attorney General who has abused her office to do nothing more than getting political revenge on Trump for being a successful Conservative POTUS.

Trump said James was a “horror show” after she brought charges against him for fraud in his business dealings that were simply a childish temper tantrum and highly corrupt and blamed her for an exodus from the state.

Trump told the show host that ‘wealthy people’ are leaving New York because of James, slamming her for her social justice obsession while crime in the city was totally out of control.

“He said that due to nuclear power, the world is the most dangerous it’s ‘ever’ been, as the former president warned that international affairs are spelling doom, Katelyn Caralle reported about the interesting inverter for The Daily Mail, adding about what especially keeps Trump up at night:

“To be throwing around the word cavalierly like nuclear is a very bad time. A very bad time for this country and a very bad and a very dangerous time for the world.”

On the show that night, Trump also said that if he were in the White House, Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine. He said that after President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer, Putin saw a weakness in U.S. leadership.

“I think it was the most embarrassing and horrible moment – just about the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country,’ Trump said of the Afghanistan debacle. “I think Putin saw that,” Trump said, adding about Putin:

“But he would have never done it, that would have never been a problem,” Trump said in the hypothetical situation where he is still president. ‘He was not going to go into Ukraine, and he understood the consequences.’

‘What’s happened in Ukraine should have never ever happened,’ Trump added.

Russia has continued its assault on Ukraine for seven months, and the Kremlin held a vote Tuesday that paves the way for Moscow to annex part of the Eastern European nation.

Trump also had some choice words for James after she brought fraud charges against him for his business dealings with the Trump Organization.

“We have murderers going down – walking down the street. It’s just horrible. She’s a horror show, she’s so bad,’ Trump said of James’ leadership. ‘She doesn’t care about violent crime.”

‘She doesn’t care about anything except trying to use Trump’s name to get elected,’ he continued to 77 WABC radio show Cats at Night. ‘And she’s a disaster and everybody knows that. She’s done a terrible job.’

The roundtable on the radio show concluded that Trump is running for president again in 2024.

“While the former president has not formally announced another bid for the White House, he has repeatedly said at rallies and in interviews that his base will be happy with his decisions coming very soon,”The Daily Mail reported, adding:

‘He’s running, no doubt about it,’ one-panel member told Catsimatidis. ‘He’s talking like a candidate.

Numerous posters on social media remembered that Trump had predicted the upheaval that we see happening for a while, using the same points he talked about leading into WW3 on the show, so this isn’t a new concern- it is a reaction to how the Democrats and their supporters the RINOS have endangered us as a nation.

“President Trump made America Oil independent. Joe Biden stopped it! We now have to purchase Oil from our adversaries. OPEC just said if Oil prices continue to drop they will slow up production. What did the Democrats and Joe Biden do to us? Mid Terms are coming VOTE Red, no Dems!,” one brilliant poster wrote on Twitter.

Watch a clip of Trump’s comments when he was in office:

Let’s hope Americans are paying attention and vote to get this reckless government under control in November.


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