Trump Said He Swapped The Toilet In Secret Oval Office bathroom After Obama…Libs Cry Racism

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New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s new book on Donald Trump, Confidence Man, will hit shelves Oct. 4 – coincidentally just one month before the 2022 midterms.

The book describes, among other things, renovations in the White House by the former president that the author attempts to cast in a dark light, including suggestions of racism.

Battles over public accommodations and drinking fountains for blacks and whites were key battlegrounds of the civil rights movement, and although changes were made many years ago in regard to those separating factors, some are still looking for evidence of racism and separated amenities.

Former President Donald Trump has long denied accusations of racism, and once called himself the ‘least racist person in the world.’

Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and the daughter of the Rev. A.D. King, agrees with that statement, as she wrote in 2019:

“Joe Biden is basing his entire candidacy on a discredited lie, trying to make President Trump seen like a racist so that Biden can present himself as some sort of ‘anti-racist’ candidate. That’s the furthest thing from the truth.

“President Trump has done more for black Americans in just over two years than Biden has done in five decades as a public official,” King states, and goes on to list Trump initiatives that benefit not only all Americans, but black Americans as well.

But the book recounts one visitor’s thoughts about a visit to the White House and an apparently casual conversation about a bathroom off the Oval Office.

According to the accounts given by others to Hagerman, Trump would tell certain White House guests that he had a personal ‘secret bathroom’ just off the Oval Office renovated when he entered the White House after succeeding Barack Obama.

The guest said that Trump was using language that the guest took to have racist subtext.

The claim is based on how the visitor took the comment oddly, is included in the book.

The book, which is out Tuesday, includes the account about the bathroom just off the Oval Office, which Trump would sometimes refer to as the ‘Monica room,’ after former President Bill Clinton’s trysts with a White House intern.

Lewinsky herself has described the room Trump is reported to have said he renovated as ‘a private personal office that is off to the side that consists of a back study, a dining room, a little pantry and a bathroom.’

According to Haberman, Trump decorated it with a large TV and various ‘knick-knacks,’ as well as a wrestling belt gifted by former wrestling impresario Vince McMahon.

‘When Trump showed visitors his workplace, he invited some to peer into what he periodically described as his “secret bathroom,” which he occasionally presented with the claim he had renovated the entire space down to the toilet,’ Haberman writes.

Haberman presents the conversation that the guest reported in the book.

‘”You understand what I’m talking about?” Trump said to one guest,’ Haberman writes in a passage obtained by – in a comment the Trump visitor took as code for disgust with his predecessor.

It appears the guest had racism on his or her mind.

‘The statement was strange and vague and open to interpretation as to why he emphasized the changes, but the guest interpreted it to mean Trump did not want to use the same bathroom as his Black predecessor,’ Haberman writes, admitting that it was the guest’s interpretation.

An odd footnote to the reported claims is that no such renovation appears to have taken place.

‘Trump’s claim of a full remodeling happened to be untrue, officials said at the time: only the toilet seat was replaced, which was customary during a change in office holder. The most significant addition he made might have been the collection of hairsprays that some visitors took note of.’

Trump’s bathroom issues are a fixture of other parts of the book – which also includes photos of torn up documents in a White House toilet, bearing words that resemble Trump’s handwriting.

Haberman seems to be determined to present Trump’s bathroom facilities in a negative light, taking exception to normal factors.

Yet another bizarre powder room passage notes that bathrooms in the residence were ‘stocked with Trump-branded toiletries.’

Haberman apparently thinks it odd that Trump, who owns hotels, would use his own brand of products in his own bathroom.

Some might see that as a testimony to the high quality of the products.

Haberman also relates another hearsay factor relating to Trump’s generous tipping habit, casting that in a negative light.

‘Staff repeatedly stopped [the president] when he tried to press cash into the hands of military aides serving as valets,’ according to the book, the Daily Mail wrote.

Although the military is not supposed to accept such gifts from the official they are there to protect, it is nice to know you are appreciated!


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