Trump Knew ‘100 Percent’ He Was ‘Fighting for the Little Guy’: Former Top Trump Economic Adviser

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Kevin Hassett, an economist who served as Trump’s top economic adviser during the first years of his administration, says his policies fought against a drift toward socialism and resulted in an “absolute success story for the little guy.”

Hassett, who served as the 29th Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2017 through 2019, recently recounted his experiences on EpochTV’s Crossroads program: “Trump understood that he was facing a very powerful historical force … while he knew 100 percent that he was fighting for the little guy.”

In addition to being a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, Hassett is also vice president at the Lindsey Group. He details how the United States has descended into socialism and how Trump is resisting the slide in his new book called “The Drift: Stopping America’s Slide to Socialism.”. His latest work is about how Americans can push back against the ongoing “drift.”

As a result of tax cuts and regulation cuts, the U.S. economy improved significantly under the Trump administration. Hessett told Crossroads that income inequality dropped sharply for the first time since World War II during the Trump administration, wages grew faster for those in the bottom 10% of the pay distribution than for those at the top, and wealth grew even more rapidly.

“The homeownership grew startlingly for people at the bottom 10 percent, seven million people went off food stamps, [and] three million people went out of poverty,” he added. “It was an absolute success story for the little guy. And yet, the more the good news came, the angrier and angrier the left wing got.”

Despite the economic successes attributed to Trump policies, “all these never-Trumpers, who distanced themselves from Trump, did it for fear of losing their respectability,” Hassett said.

Among them were Bush Republicans, who he claimed never defended Donald Trump’s supporters despite their support for the right policies.

As part of its strategy to influence how people think, the leftist-controlled media and universities use the weapon of “respectability” to justify socialist ideas, Hassett noted.

“Because the left would control of the universities and the control of the media, they act as that is if they could actually give people or take away their respectability.

“These [leftist] folks don’t want Trump to succeed, because in the end, they don’t maybe necessarily care about income inequality. It’s just a political device for them to get the political power, they need to seize control of the society, and to take the power for themselves and really take totalitarian power.”

Hasett said his book identifies various forces hostile to capitalism and free markets, and “how organized [these forces] are, where they are, what their tactics are, and what we can do to stand up to them.

“You need to learn what socialism is, you need to spot it in their policies.”

In the interview with Hassett, he said that central planning is “everywhere” on the Democratic agenda.

“Before you know it, the government basically controls the means of production, and distributes the goods, without regard to the price mechanism or productivity. And we could go on and on, but that’s the Democrats’ agenda.”

According to Hassett, many of President Biden’s policies are “proposing a socialist takeover of the means of production.” Hassett provided specific examples during the interview.

“If you see a country where policies like that survive, that it has to be that they created a government that can disregard the will of the people … if you look at the sort of ruthlessness with which the Democrats have been using the government to indict everybody, and so on, they really are trying to intimidate their way into having control over the economy,” Hassett commented. “And, you know, it’s up to us to stand up against them.”

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