Trump Issues Urgent Warning To GOP Candidates In Surprise Video Overnight

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On Thursday, the former President, Donald Trump, issued a plea to fellow candidates from the Grand Old Party (GOP) to reassess their respective campaigns and unite in order to effectively challenge Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in forthcoming electoral contests.

Based on recent polling data, President Trump expressed confidence in his substantial advantages, highlighting considerable margins of up to 40, 50, and even 60 points in states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Trump humorously remarked, “‘Who expected that?’ I did.”

According to the previous president, “Ron DeSanctimonious is crashing.” On the strength of this idea, Trump made a daring suggestion: “Perhaps the parties should come together. People should drop out of the race. We unify, and we beat Biden and the Democrats.”

In his comments, Trump expresses a strong conviction that the Democrats are weak, saying, “They should be easy to beat because our country has never been in worse condition than it is right now.”


Wrapping up his brief statement, Trump simply said, “Thank you.” Trump’s call for unity among GOP contenders indicates a potential to consolidate support and mount a formidable challenge against the incumbent administration.



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