Trump Flies Into DC Still Wearing His Golf Gear, Unannounced Visit Sparks Rumors Of Possible Indictment By Department Of Justice

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The battle over the FBI raid on the Trump family home, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida is currently underway, with a fight over the appointing of a special master to review the seized documents alongside the FBI review.

Previously, Federal Judge Aileen Cannon ruled that Former President Donald Trump’s request for a special master should be granted, but one has not yet been appointed.

Both Trump and the government have submitted names to be considered.

The government’s Democratic choices could be allied with the FBI, and the Trump Republican choices are more to the point of Trump’s original request; that a special master is appointed to ensure fairness.

There is also contention over who should pay the special master, which is a considerable fee.

Trump stated in his request that the cost should be shared 50-50 between himself and the government.

The government maintains that Trump should bear 100% of the cost.

Federal prosecutors are also seeking a reversal of Cannon’s stay on their investigation – specifically in regards to records marked as ‘classified.’

The judge ordered the FBI to halt using the ‘classified’ documents seized until the special master could complete their review for privilege claims.

Former President Trump has repeatedly stated that he himself declassified the documents in question before he left the Oval Office, and a review of the documents should make the status of the documents clear.

Friday follow-ups from both the Justice Department and Trump’s team show they are at odds over what a special master review would even look like.

Both sides put forward two candidates that evening.

The Justice Department suggested retired Southern District of New York Judge Barbara Jones, who presided as a special master in the investigations of Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani.

It also put forward retired D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Thomas Griffith.

Trump’s team named former chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York Raymond Dearie as one of their two candidates.

Dearie is a surprising choice for Trump – while on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, he approved a search warrant to surveil Trump’s 2016 campaign aide Carter Page.

They also suggested attorney Paul Huck Jr., a former adviser to Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist when he was the Republican governor of Florida.

The opposing sides even disagreed on how long the review should take.

The Justice Department asked for it to be completed in just over a month, by October 17.

Trump asked for a 90-day window. That would mean it’s not completed until after the November midterm elections.

Trump’s lawyers have until 10 a.m. on Monday to respond after the Justice Department issued an ambiguous warning that Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision would cause ‘irreparable harm’ to national security in a Thursday court filing.

That Monday deadline may be the answer to an apparently rushed visit to D.C.

Donald Trump has raised questions with an unplanned arrival in Washington, DC on Sunday evening.

Trump disembarked appearing slightly disheveled and still wearing his golf shoes.

Daily Mail reported:

“The former president landed at Dulles International Airport in his white sporting shoes and quickly got into a black SUV with tinted windows, according to the video shot by YouTuber Andrew Leyden.

Trump does have a golf course in Virginia, but it’s unlikely he rushed to the area for a game given the rainy forecast expected for Monday.

His appearance suggests he left home in a hurry.

His surprise trip to the national capital has prompted speculation over whether he is facing an indictment or some other legal matter, amid the Justice Department’s explosive investigation into his handling of classified documents after leaving office.

Trump was seen departing Dulles at around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday night, according to the video.

The ex-president was spotted descending the steps of his private plane markedly dressed down from his usual clean-cut suit and tie.

Trump’s white polo was worn casually with its top buttons flung open, and he appeared to also be wearing a brown jacket and black slacks.

‘I went on the toll road, his motorcade came behind me and then they just disappeared – I think they went north to his golf course up by Leesburg or something,’ Leyden said in his video after capturing Trump’s arrival.

Trump appeared to be traveling without any family members.

Secret Service agents, who normally provide security to current and former presidents, were not immediately spotted in the video.

Notably, the former president has been silent on his social media platform Truth Social since around the time he arrived at Dulles.” has reached out to Trump’s spokesperson for comment.

The apparently rushed visit to D.C. by the former president comes less than 24 hours before his legal team faces a deadline to refute the Justice Department’s appeal asking a court to overturn an earlier ruling granting Trump’s request for a special master to review files that the FBI seized from his home last month, Daily Mail reports.


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