Trump Enrages The Establishment With Real Reason He’s Skipping ALL GOP Debates

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Leave it to President Donald J. Trump to be an outlier and an outsider to politics and do something totally different from the established political order. Trump, who is running for President in 2024, has received steady and overwhelming support from the American people, who respect and love him for being different from all of the other political creatures.

It is true that the established order of politics has a steady stream of support from others who benefit financially from a centralized government and from the established political system. We call that system the “administrative state”, and the administrative state does not make up the majority. In fact, the more Trump is in the public, the more the administrative states are losing their once tremendous control over the American people.

To highlight how very different Trump is, one needs to look no further than how he and his campaign have faced the traditional presidential debates. Trump is running for POTUS with a very strange crowd of Republicans. Trump needs to first secure the Republican nomination and get past the others; however, he has decided to skip all debates between the Republican challengers for the position.

And that has people amazed and infuriated that Trump will not participate in a system that is viewed by the public as corrupt and manipulated.

Trump’s involvement in the 2016 GOP debate was a disaster for his Republican challengers.  It helped to establish Trump’s populist-nationalist credibility with the American people, as seen in this flashback clip:

Philip Nieto reported on the details of the debate skipping Trump, for Media-ite:

Donald Trump boasted on Truth Social that not only won’t he participate in this week’s GOP primary debate, he will not be participating in any of them.

Earlier this week, the New York Times first reported that Trump will skip next week’s RNC debate hosted by Fox News and instead release a pre-taped interview with ex-Fox host Tucker Carlson while the live debate unfolds. Previously, top executives at Fox urged the former president during a private dinner at his Bedminster club to attend the event.

Trump routinely mused with supporters and close aides that he may not participate in the primary debates. According to most national polling data, Trump is by far the frontrunner in the crowded GOP field.

Nieto went on to explain Trump’s reasoning:

The former president cited a CBS poll that shows him beating the other candidates with 62% support as reasoning for why he will “not be doing the debates.”

“New CBS POLL, just out, has me leading the field by “legendary” numbers. TRUMP 62%, 46 Points above DeSanctimonious (who is crashing like an ailing bird!), Ramaswamy 7%, Pence 5%, Scott 3%, Haley 2%, Sloppy Chris Christie 2%, “Aida” Hutchinson 1%,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

He added, “The public knows who I am & what a successful Presidency I had, with Energy Independence, Strong Borders & Military, Biggest EVER Tax & Regulation Cuts, No Inflation, Strongest Economy in History, & much more. I WILL THEREFORE NOT BE DOING THE DEBATES!”

Trump will participate in an interview with Tucker Carlson at the time of the event, which will prove to be an early barometer of the popularity differences between Trump and the rest of the field.

It appears that most people on social media believe that Trump and Carlosn will get much higher ratings:

Even people who once thought Trump was wrong are considering Trump’s move to avoid the establishment as pretty smart:

Popular legal political pundit, Viva Frei, posted about the Trump moves:

“At first, I thought it was wrong of Trump to skip the primary debates next week.

Avoiding public debate in an election is very rarely the righteous thing to do. And I think that Trump does have questions that he needs to answer as far as his Covid response goes – questions that ought to come from political rivals, not a comfortable sit-down with a journalist.

That said, Trump is currently facing four of the biggest steaming-pile-of-judicial-dog-shit indictments imaginable.

We all know damn well that intelligence/FBI/DOJ would be watching the debates, hoping to catch Trump in something that they would then try to use against him in any one of the four steaming-pile-of-judicial -dog-shit indictments.

Perjury. Inciting further “insurrection” or “seditious conspiracy”. Anything.

If he were to call Pence a “traitor” or accuse him of “dereliction of duty”, would Pence claim “witness intimidation” and try to have Trump locked up? 😂

The reality is that it is not just unwise for Trump to participate in a debate with at least one potential witness. It would be legally reckless to do so.

Which I suspect is part and parcel of the abusive prosecution in the first place. To frustrate his ability to campaign properly.

And which I suspect might be fuelling some of the opportunistic critiques against him. Some people want to see him make a mistake so they can exploit it for their own primary campaigns. Or exploit his inability to campaign as freely as he might have otherwise done.

My unsolicited two cents.”


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