Trump Endorses Kevin McCarthy Despite Boos at Wyoming Rally

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What does Trump have up his sleeve?

Most people usually don’t know, and it tends to turn out well for the MAGA king. He likes to keep people guessing.

While back in March, House Republicans conducted a poll to determine the views of battleground voters and found that 75 percent believed Democrats were ‘out of touch’ and ‘condescending.’

Republicans are believed to be headed towards a midterm sweep of the House because of the dismal state of the country under Democrat leadership.

The poll revealed a further 67 percent said Democrats were out of control in their spending in Congress.

In the poll, conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee, voters in 77 swing districts that president Joe Biden won by an average of 5.5 points were surveyed.

The poll at the time showed GOP candidates in those districts led by 4 points and improved by 7 points since February 2021, according to the NRCC.

And things have only gotten worse in the nation. Republicans have a chance for one of the biggest election blowouts in history. Most of those who go to the House will be Trump endorsed.

And yet Trump just endorsed a politician that is very unpopular with his base.

Kevin McCarthy, a member of the GOP House Minority, was among the candidates Trump endorsed from his Save America PAC email on Sunday.

The endorsement of McCarthy as he seeks to keep his seat in the socialist state of California comes two days before the primary election there. In the last election in 2020, McCarthy won by 24.2 percent over his Democratic opponent.

‘Congressman Kevin McCarthy is an outstanding Representative for the people of California, and a strong and fearless Leader of the House Republican Conference,’ Trump wrote.

McCarthy’s support from Trump also comes just before the Democratic select committee plans to conduct hearings on the January 6 Capitol riot, which led to his impeachment as president last year.

According to McCarthy, he did not intend to comply with the panel’s subpoena, stating it was a part of the left’s ‘abusive tactics.’

But in April, in excerpts from a then-upcoming book quoted in a New York Times report, House Minority Leader McCarthy told Republican leaders, ‘I’ve had it with this guy,’ after the violence on January 6th.

As reported by the book, backstabbing McCarthy expressed interest in pushing Trump to step down, but McCarthy’s spokesman Mark Bednar denied this, saying to the Times: ‘McCarthy never said he’d call Trump to say he should resign.’

And then in May, more leaked audio came out of McCarthy discussing the 25th Amendment following the January 6 Capitol protest.

A recording of Kevin McCarthy speaking with Liz Cheney and other members of the House GOP in April revealed that McCarthy told Cheney back on January 10, 2021, that he would advise Trump to quit. The audio was played on MSNBC.

“I think [impeachment resolutions] will pass, and it would be my recommendation you should resign,” McCarthy told Cheney he would tell Trump. He went on, “what he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that and nobody should defend it.”

“What the president did was atrocious and totally wrong. From the standpoint, we’re 12 days away – I mean the one point I’d make with Biden – if you have an impeachment and you’re stuck sitting in the senate and he needs cabinet members, he’s got Secretary of Defense, he’s got a lot of things he’s got to have moving….” McCarthy said.

McCarthy said he also wanted to meet with Biden and get him to meet with Trump.

“I do think the impeachment divides the nation further and continues the fight even greater. That’s why I want to reach out to Biden. I wanted the President to meet with Biden — that’s not going to happen,” McCarthy continued.

“[The 25th Amendment] takes too long. It could go back to the House, right?” McCarthy queried his aide John Leganski.

When McCarthy was announced at a Trump rally in Wyoming late last month, many of the rally-goers booed.

So why would Trump endorse backstabbing McCarthy when we have Jim Jordan who would be an amazing House Speaker? Who knows. Trump does Trump.

Despite earlier reports that McCarthy thought Trump was entirely responsible for the Capitol riot, McCarthy insists that he was simply considering options within the caucus at the time.

In the weeks following the attack, McCarthy visited Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

‘In Congress, Kevin is a tireless advocate for the people of Bakersfield and the Central Valley,’ said Trump, endorsing the eight-term lawmaker. ‘He is working incredibly hard to Stop Inflation, Deliver Water Solutions, and Hold Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi Accountable for their catastrophic failures and dereliction of duty.’

He added: ‘As Leader, Kevin is building a ‘Commitment to America’ platform to Grow our Economy, Fight Big Tech Censorship, Secure the Border, Strengthen our Military, Defend the Second Amendment, Improve our Health Care, Restore American Energy Independence, Support our Brave Veterans, and Uphold the Rule of Law and American Values.’

“Kevin McCarthy has my Complete and Total Endorsement for California’s 20th Congressional District!”

While McCarthy is definitely unpopular inside the party with the base, it may be that Trump is working with strategists on how to cement the midterm sweep and the CA Republican is part of the plan. Who knows at this point. Trump plays 4D chess as they say. We’ll have to wait and see what he has planned.

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