Trump Advisor Says Huge News Coming After Announcing ‘Hit Job’ Warning

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The question of what Donald J. Trump is going to do about the 2024 Presidential election has captured the minds of the country and filled up discussions on both the left and the right. Trump is seen in an epic battle with forces who both want to reject him, and those who demand he gets back into the arena. And we must be drawing closer to a decision of which side he will follow, because the calendar shows we are getting closer to the actual election date in November 2024..

While that date is a full two years from now, there is a hot immediacy to Trump declaring his presidency. There have also been brakes put on the messaging from his top advisors.

“A senior adviser to President Donald Trump has warned that “the media,” “corporate elites,” and the “political establishment” have joined forces to launch a hit campaign to prevent the 45th POTUS from running in 2024,” Slay News reported, adding:

Trump has overruled some of his advisers who want him to wait until after the Georgia Senate runoff to officially launch his 2024 presidential campaign.

The GOP could still easily win the Arizona and Nevada Senate races making the Georgia runoff moot as Republicans would win with 51 votes and take the majority.

Kayleigh McEnany said on Fox News she would advise him to postpone until after Georgia.

“Getting Herschel Walker over the finish line,” McEnany said.

“I know there’s a temptation to talk about 2024.

“No, no, no. 2022 is not over.

“No contender should announce for 2024 until we get through December 6th.

“Every Republican energy needs to go to grinding the Biden agenda to a halt.”

Trump adviser Jason Miller said:

“Of course, President Trump had said he’d be making an announcement on Nov. 15, next Tuesday.

“I’m advising the president to hold off until after the Georgia race.

“Priorities A, B, and C need to be about Herschel right now.

“This is bigger than anything else in the country.

“We’ve got to show the focus is on Georgia.”

Trump suggested to Fox News yesterday that he would go ahead as planned.

“Trump is famous for his flexibility but a new report removes all doubt.

“The media and the GOP establishment have been turning on Trump because the “red tsunami” didn’t materialize and Republicans haven’t won the midterms, yet,” Slay reported.

However, the GOP appears to have taken the majority in the House and candidates endorsed by Trump mostly won their races.

According to NBC reporter Marc Caputo:

“A senior Trump adviser just confirmed Tuesday’s announcement and said ‘the media, the corporate elites, and political establishment have all moved in unison against Donald Trump at their own peril. It’s like they want to recreate 2015-2016. Let them. We are doing it again. Buckle up’”

Red State also reported on the Trump announcement:

“Buckle up.”

These are the words of a senior adviser to Donald Trump in teasing a big announcement by the former president next week. By all appearances, Trump has not taken to heart the criticisms hurled his way in the aftermath of the Republican Party’s tepid performance this past Tuesday. Indeed, it seems to be damn the election results, full steam ahead.

“A senior Trump adviser just confirmed Tues announcement & said “The media, the corporate elites, and political establishment has all moved in unison against Donald Trump at their own peril. It’s like they want to recreate 2015-2016. Let them. We are doing it again. Buckle up,” Marc Caputo (@MarcACaputo) reported on November 10, 2022.

Now, in light of what happened just this past Monday, you need to ask yourself: is this another rope-a-dope situation? That night — Election Eve — Trump traveled to Dayton, Ohio, to stump for Republican JD Vance (now known as Senator-elect JD Vance). Speculation ran rampant in the hours leading up to the former president’s arrival that he would use the occasion to announce another run for the White House. There were even chairs set up — with name placards in clear view for the benefit of the media — for most of the Trump family. The stage was set for A Big Trump Moment.

The thought of a pre-election announcement was, of course, met with horror by many on the right, who believed such an announcement would suck the air out of many midterm races. Would Trump be callous enough to take the spotlight off his fellow Republicans and shine it solely on himself, just hours before voters headed to the polls? .

Thankfully, Trump mostly used his time on the stage that night to rally for Vance. But, he coyly alluded to a 2024 run.

“I’m going to be making a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15th, at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump said at an election eve event in Dayton.

We’re now a few days past the GOP’s election underperformance. Any talk of 2024 now has to include Ron DeSantis after his complete electoral dominance in Florida. Some say DeSantis has to wait his turn, while others urge the governor to seriously consider a White House run. (And, let’s face it, Trump’s ill-advised “DeSanctimonious” barb didn’t help Trump, especially since he’s considered the leader of the Republican Party. Some breaking news on that front here.)

Trump is facing serious headwinds in the form of fellow Republicans voicing their lack of support for him, urging him outright not to run or to at least delay his announcement until after the Georgia senate runoff on December 6.

It’s clear that a battle is brewing, and the opening shot may be fired next Tuesday. You might be asking why Trump has chosen November 15th for a possible announcement. Some theorize he is tan, rested, and ready, having carried a light campaign load this election cycle, unlike potential rivals like Ron DeSantis, who are coming off of months on the campaign trail. An announcement so soon after the election could be an effort to beat everyone to the punch.

Then there’s Mike Pence, his former vice president and possible 2024 presidential rival. Pence’s new book, “So Help Me God,” is being released on — you guessed it — November 15. The book is sure to have some unsavory anecdotes about Trump’s time in the White House — so the date of his announcement is surely meant to control the news cycle that day and downplay his vice president’s barbs.

The presidential election cycle is upon us. Buckle up, indeed.


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