Top Republican Exposes ‘Damning’ Photo of Joe Biden

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A leading Republican has blasted a ‘damning’ picture of Biden with a Hunter-connected assistant on Air Force Two when they were traveling to Ukraine In order to get prosecutors to end the Burisma Holdings probe,

Elise Stefanik, a Congresswoman, expressed her disapproval of a photo taken on December 6, 2015, featuring the former Vice President and Amos Hochstein, who is now serving as Biden’s special presidential coordinator.

When Hunter was on the board of the Ukrainian energy business Burisma Holdings, Hochstein reportedly kept in touch with Hunter’s connections there.

If Viktor Shokin, their chief prosecutor, was not fired, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US funding. Three months following his travel to Ukraine in December 2015, he was fired.

Hochstein is still employed by the Biden administration. He consistently cautioned that Hunter’s membership on the Burisma board would give rise to conflict of interest claims, according to a scathing Republican Senate report in 2020.

Vadym Pozharskyi, a board adviser for Burisma, may have spoken with Hochstein, according to emails that emerged in 2020.

Pozharskyi pointed out to Hochstein’s office how Ukrainian tax law would affect the energy industry, a sector in which they were a significant player.

Hochstein is shown advising Biden in the picture. Stefanik claims that this demonstrates the “Biden Administration not only knew of Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, but also that Joe Biden was intimately involved.”

VP Joe Biden being briefed by Amos Hochstein, right, on Air Force Two on his way to Ukraine on Dec. 6, 2015

In a statement to Fox News, Stefanik said: “This damning picture of then Vice President Joe Biden on Air Force Two en route to Ukraine talking with Amos Hochstein is just further evidence that Biden and senior officials in the Biden Administration not only knew of Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business dealings, but also that Joe Biden was intimately involved while Vice President.”

“At the time of this photo, Hochstein was in communication with Hunter Biden and Burisma where Hunter served on the board,” Stefanik explained.

“We also know that this photo was taken on Air Force Two ahead of Joe Biden’s now infamous meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, where Biden threatened to have aid withheld if a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma was not fired”

“All evidence points directly to Joe Biden being deeply compromised.”

“House Republicans will leave no stone unturned in our investigations into Biden’s involvement in his family’s influence peddling scheme.”

Hunter’s membership on the board of Burisma facilitated Russian misinformation attempts, Hochstein reportedly told Biden and Hunter in October 2015, according to a Senate Republican investigation made public in 2020.

He said that Biden’s participation ran the risk of damaging US strategy in Ukraine.

Hochstein apparently alerted Biden about Hunter’s work more than once.

It was said in the dialogue depicted aboard the airplane flying to Ukraine, according to Victoria Nuland, who was acting as the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs in 2015.

In the 2020 assessment, Hochstein also informed Congress the following: “We were starting to think about a trip to Ukraine, and I wanted to make sure that he was aware that there was an increase in chatter on media outlets close to Russians and corrupt oligarchs-owned media outlets about undermining his message — to try to undermine his [Vice President Biden’s] message, including Hunter Biden being on the board of Burisma.”

According to the document, Hochstein “did not go so far as to recommend that Hunter leave the board” while the two sat for coffee on November 6, 2015.

After Shokin was let go, Biden boasted on TV about his adept diplomacy.

Twitter user Travis who says he is a disabled vet posted, “SHOCKING: Here we have then Vice President Joe Biden being briefed by Amos Hochstein before his trip to Ukraine where he threatened to withhold aid. At the time, Hochstein was in coordinating talks between Hunter Biden and Burisma. This photo shows just how deep the corruption is. It’s now more clear than ever that Biden not only knew everything Hunter was doing, but was directly involved and briefed on what his duties were in the “business.” Will we ever get an impeachment?”

Recently, the ongoing inquiry into Hunter Biden’s tax matters and international business dealings has drawn more attention, finding unsettling linkages that pose important concerns about conflicts of interest.

According to a Fox News article, a careful analysis of Delaware’s Chief Deputy Attorney General Alexander Snyder-Mackler, his ties with the Biden family, and the inquiry into Hunter Biden reveals a troubling network of connections that calls for closer examination.

Alexander Snyder-Mackler

It is impossible to ignore Mackler’s long-standing relationships with the Bidens, as he worked as Joe Biden’s vice presidential legal advisor and press secretary from 2007 to 2008.

The coincidence of Mackler’s employment as an assistant US attorney in the Delaware US Attorney’s office with the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial issues may be even more significant.

Although Mackler’s involvement in the investigation is still unclear, his important position in the office looking into the president’s son raises valid questions about his objectivity.

It’s interesting to note that emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop and confirmed by Fox News show a tight friendship between Mackler and Hunter Biden. Mackler even ended one email with the phrase “Love you brother.”

While Mackler claimed he was uninformed of the inquiry while serving as a federal prosecutor, the timing and style of their correspondence after the investigation had begun would be cause for concern.

Source: Fox News


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