Top Polling Expert Drops A Bomb On Joe The Day Before Midterm Elections

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A day before the midterm elections the gloves are off, and conservative commentators are calling out Democrats. The outcry is fueled by the ever-increasing numbers in support of conservative candidates and the shift of many Americans in the polls from Democrat support to Republican votes.

The New York Times reported last month that “Republicans Gain Edge as Voters Worry About Economy” and this past week the Quinnipiac Poll found that “Republicans Have Edge In Enthusiasm To Vote.” Five Thirty-Eight reports this week that many races are neck and neck.

Commentator Wayne Dupree has this to say:

There are two pollsters who I truly believe are the best in the business, one is Trafalgar, and the other is Richard Baris of “People’s Pundit.” Both of these guys are conservatives, but they never sugarcoat anything. I have seen a lot of Trafalgar polls that make me feel sad. These two are not putting out polls to get clicks or make us feel “fake happy,” for a while. They’re putting out polls that they believe in. This is why both are so accurate all the time.

So, when one of them says something, good or bad, I listen. And pollster Richard Baris appeared on War Room, where he predicted something amazing.

Baris joined Steve Bannon, who is fighting the left tooth and nail, every single day on his super popular program. As a matter of fact, I saw this quote from Bannon this morning, that I want to share with you. This is what Steve said to the radical Dems:

“I am 100 percent focused on one thing: your total and complete destruction…From school boards, all the way up. You’re unworthy to represent the American people.”

Dupree remarks on Bannon’s words and prediction by Richard Baris:

Amen. Have truer words ever been spoken? So, back to Richard Baris and his prediction, which actually ties in very neatly and nicely with Bannon’s message to radical Dems. Richard Baris is now predicting that we’re about to see the largest voter shift in US election history. I believe Baris. I don’t think Dems can cheat their way out of what’s coming for them. I think much of this red wave will be “revenge” for what they did in 2020.

Baris warning “Prepare for another election FRAUD. Democrats will NOT allow a Republican slant of any kind in either House,” means no matter how concerned the voters of America are with the economy and other crises, it may be a moot point if foul play affects the outcome of the ballots.

Dupree notes some of what people online are saying:

“I believe the future of our nation is at stake this November 8th. I don’t think that’s hyperbole. You’ve seen what an unelected fraudulent president puppeteered by the Marxist globalist oligarchs aided and abetted by a Marxist globalist uniparty congress, comprised of both democrats and republicans, and a corrupt federal bureaucracy can do to a nation in two short years. Should the Rs prevail in this coming election, McConnell and McCarthy need to be replaced. They CAN NOT be the leaders of congress. They’re both compromised. They both reside in the globalist uniparty. They both need to be put to pasture exempt from any leadership responsibilities. They can’t be trusted. Reference the 2020 election and what happened J6. Both denied any election cheating by the Marxist globalist democrats. That after President Trump received more votes than any US presidential candidate in US history. It’s preposterous to believe Biden received 81 million legitimate votes. To all Christian patriots be sure to pray. Pray that God reveals the cheaters. Pray that justice is done. Pray that truth triumphs. The future of our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids is at stake. Should the Ds prevail that will be the end of our Constitutional Republic. Again, I don’t think that’s hyperbole. Any vote for any D in this election is a nail in the coffin of our great republic. There are no exceptions. God bless and keep the USA.”

“This is always worth repeating: Biden had 81 Million Ballots Not 81 Million Votes. There is a huge difference between how many ballots were received and how many people actually voted and who voted. Ballots were being mailed to people without being requested. If Uncle Charlie died a couple of months ago and his ballot shows up in the mailbox you can be certain that any Democrat would cheat and mail it in then play dumb and deny, deny, deny. That’s what they do and that is who they are.”

“Do your duty, brothers, and sisters. VOTE.”

And, “He, Baris, might be the only legit polling operation left in the entire country. the rest are skewed so hard and mean nothing this close to the election unless you poll even numbers of likely voters. Most are polling Democrat-heavy registered voters. Not the same. Keep grinding, Mr. Baris.”


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