This Song About ‘Martha’s Vineyard Invasion’ Is Going Viral On Social Media

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Last week Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shipped a handful of illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

This is not the first time Republican governors have reacted to having illegals sent to their state by the federal government when there are states and cities that have declared themselves “sanctuaries” for the migrants.

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas started bussing the migrants to Washington D.C. back in April, and this past Thursday morning a group of asylum-seekers from the southern border sent by Abbott were dropped off outside Vice-President Kamala Harris’ house near the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Harris is under fire for saying on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday that she was “confident the border is secure.”

But and all hell broke loose in liberal America when Martha’s Vineyard became the destination.

Despite thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the border into Texas, Florida, and other states on a daily basis, the residents of Martha’s Vineyard and their allies in Hollywood and the press lost their ever-loving minds.

To hear them tell it, DeSantis’s “political stunt” was “cruel” and “inhumane.” Even President Joe Biden got in on the dishonest trash-talking.

Never mind that the Biden administration has done the exact same thing — fly/bus illegals to random parts of the country; that’s how the migrants got to Texas and Florida, which said they did not wish to receive them.

The only difference, it would appear, is that whereas the Biden administration typically ships illegals off to working-class communities, DeSantis had the apparent gall to ship them to the doorsteps of the liberal elites who champion open borders policies.

The irony is that the liberal elites of Martha’s Vineyard think they deserve a pat on the back for responding to the arrival of the 50 illegals by providing a little bit of food and water. Never mind that the illegals were quickly “deported” from the island less than 24 hours after their arrival.

Evidently, it would have been too much of a hassle for one of these open-borders liberals to open their multimillion-dollar home to some of the illegals.

Conservative radio show host Ben Shapiro also addressed this issue. During a segment last week, he noted the hypocrisy of liberal elites crying over 50 illegals being shipped to their community but shrugging with indifference over illegals dying left and right trying to cross into the U.S.

“There’s been something like over a thousand migrants who’ve been found dead along the American border because people are falling, people are sick, people are starving, people are dehydrated. You have coyotes who are bringing people in in hot trucks and then leaving them to die in the back of these trucks. That’s not a problem,” he said.

But, he added, to the left, it’s a big “problem if you put people on air-conditioned airplanes from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard.”

Why is that, though? Because, he explained, “it’s only a serious problem because now you have to see it and now you have to own the consequences.”

“That’s the really serious problem. It turns out, as always, that Democrat policy is all fun and games until they actually have to pay for it,” he said.

The situation is so eyerollingly ironic that there are now humorists using it for fodder for their laughs.

Comic Dave Smith posted a viral thread Friday perfectly detailing how liberal elites NEVER abide by the standards they expect everybody else to follow.

For instance: “They are against building a wall but they live in gated communities. They are for gun control but they have armed security. They destroy public education but send their kids to elite private schools. They support mask mandates but only their servants wear them at their parties.”

View the full thread below:

Now, further satirizing the Democrats two-faced attitude, a BlazeTV host has gone viral for writing and singing a song about the pompous, hoity-toity Martha’s Vineyard liberal elites who last week threw a fit over 50 illegal aliens being flown to their luxurious little island.

Called “The Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song,” the song by host Chad Prather and CJaye LeRose mocks the blatant, glaring hypocrisy of the nearly 100 percent white island and its bougie residents, Biz Pac Review reports.

Below is a transcript of the lyrics:

Bring your hungry, bring your weary, bring your sick, and bring your poor, but keep your ass off Martha’s Vineyard, don’t come back no more!

They say they don’t want criminals in this town of ours, maybe try Chicago and not Obama’s yard!

Bring your hungry, bring your weary, bring your sick, and bring your poor, but keep your ass off Martha’s Vineyard, don’t come back no more!

They claim to have compassion, then promise streets of gold — when you come a’knockin’, signs all say we’re closed!

Bring your hungry, bring your weary, bring your sick, and bring your poor, but keep your ass off Martha’s Vineyard, don’t come back no more!

Keep your ass off Martha’s Vineyard, they don’t want you, señor!

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