The Left’s Biggest Nightmare Is Coming True

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Peter Thiel, Tucker Carlson. Former President Donald Trump are being described as the ‘Kingmakers of the New Right’, a movement that looks frighteningly similar to the 2016 Deplorable movement.

Frightening that is to the left, and no doubt hugely comfortable to everyone else.

“The trio of nationalists has a combined influence over American politics that is triggering a nightmare for Democrats in 2022,” The Daily Caller wrote recently in an op-ed about the warrior level beast mode that such a combination is potentially going to shape into ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Thiel is described in his biography as a German-American billionaire entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and political activist. A co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies, and Founders Fund, he was the first outside investor in Facebook

Carlson is the host of a very popular Fox News program, and Trump is many things that all spell out doom for the radical far left and the people running as Democrats.

The New Right emerges at a time when Democrats are lagging, struggling, and falling down in popularity.

Daily Caller reported in their recent op-ed:

“Republicans look poised to pick up massive victories in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate as the nationalist movement led by Thiel, Carlson, and Trump focuses on the failures of the Democrats’ first two years of controlling the Executive and Congressional branches.

The “New Right” is a national conservative movement that works to counter progressive policy with trade protection, immigration restriction, foreign policy restraint, and a return to social conservatism.”

Writer James Pogue wrote about the New Right for Vanity Fair in April and described their energy as “a different strain of conservative politics” that is not a part of the typical conservative movement.

“The podcasters, bro-ish anonymous, Twitter posters, online philosophers, artists, and amorphous scenesters in this world are variously known as ‘dissidents,’ ‘neo-reactionaries,’ ‘post-leftists,’ or the ‘heterodox’ fringe–though they’re all often grouped for convenience under the heading of America’s New Right,” Pogue wrote.

“It’s better described as a tangled set of frameworks for critiquing the systems of power and propaganda that most people reading this probably think of as ‘the way the world is,’” Pogue wrote. “And one point shapes all of it: It is a project to overthrow the thrust of progress, at least such as liberals understand the word.”

Nill Bristol tweeted about the three Ts, recently. “The most powerful men in today’s Republican Party are the three T’s: Trump, Tucker, and Thiel,” Bulwark editor Bill Kristol tweeted.

And Kristol may be right about something, finally. Thiel has money, Trump has an enormous endorsement power, and Carlson has a massive audience, and that makes something the left can only marvel over; an unstoppable political machine.

The Daily Caller article breaks down the different roles of the three players:

Thiel The Bank

Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel plays the part of the new Right’s financier. He helped fund the 2021 National Conservatism Conference, several political campaigns (including JD Vance’s high-profile win in the Ohio Senate GOP primary), and multiple Conservative pundits.

The left is worried that Thiel’s financial backing, along with the millions of dollars Republicans raise through small donations, the new Right’s talking points will become “mainstream.”

“When you have a funder who is actively elevating candidates who are denying the legitimacy of elections, that is a direct assault on the foundation of democracy,” New America senior fellow Lee Drutman told the New York Times.

Trump: The Golden Endorsement

Trump has a lot to be proud of when it comes to the positive effect of his political endorsement. “I’m the king of endorsements,” Trump told the Washington Post on Apr. 6. Only one of Trump’s 47 endorsed candidates has lost their primary race.

Despite Thiel’s significant financial assistance to his campaign, JD Vance was hovering around third or fourth place in the Ohio Senate GOP primary polls. After Trump’s endorsement, Vance won his race with a little over 30% of the vote.

Outside of Vance, Trump’s other Ohio endorsements also took home primary race wins. Former Trump aide Max Miller, Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, Republican Ohio Rep. Troy Balderson, and others won their races with significant margins.

CNN opinion writer Paul Sracic said that Trump’s Ohio primary wins to prove his endorsement power is here to stay among Republican voters.

Carlson: The Audience

Carlson has the most-watched cable tv show in history. His audience tunes in by the millions every night to hear him take down the establishment elites who sell our American dream to the highest bidder.

The audience also pays attention to the political candidates Carlson invites onto his show. The New York Times called the debut of these candidates “the rise of the Tucker Carlson politician.”

The power these three men have with members of the new Right will possibly give the Republican party considerable gains in the November 2022 midterms. Voters have noticed the failures of the Biden administration and want to have a check on the inflationary spending and the American Last policies threatening economic collapse.

If Democrats want to win in November and again in 2024, they’ll need to plan to take down Thiel, Trump, and Carlson.

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