Terror Nation Announces Plans to Construct Nuclear Warheads and Destroy New York

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Iran expert Ben Sabti reported Monday that Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ “Telegram channel threatens to produce atomic warhead for missiles,” citing the social media channel; he said that “Iran can immediately return to Emad project and build an atomic bomb if Natanz facilities are attacked.”

And at the same exact time, Democrat Joe Biden is dragging his feet on holding Iranian terrorists accountable for their actions.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces, founded after the violent Iranian Revolution on 22 April 1979 by order of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Khomeini, an Islamic leader, was an Iranian political and religious leader who served as the first supreme leader of Iran from 1979 until his death in 1989.

An Iranian reporter, Heshmat Alavi, posted about the Telegram threats, “Telegram channel posted a video saying the regime is now able to quickly build nuclear weapons & its ICBMs can “turn New York into ruins & hell! And still, Biden & Europe want to sign a “deal” with Tehran’s ayatollah!”

Alavi also reminded readers of Iran’s recent claims and the regime’s ties to the Democrats, posting the following:

Kamal Kharrazi, foreign policy advisor to #Iran’s dictator Ali Khamenei: Iran has become a nuclear threshold country. We have the technical capability to produce a nuclear bomb. Periodic reminder:

Kamal Kharrazi was the man former U.S. secretary of state John Kerry secretly met with in Paris back in May 2018 and probably told the Iranian delegation to wait out Trump’s first term.”

The Foreign Desk reported on the threats:

“According to media reports, the comments made by the Iran regime’s paramilitary arm—the Revolutionary Guard, appeared on its linked Bismichi Media Telegram channel, with an accompanying video titled “When Will Iran’s Sleeping Nuclear Warheads Awaken?” In the short video, Tehran declared that it could use its peaceful nuclear program into a nuclear weapons program quickly if the United States or Israel made any careless mistakes. The video post further stated that Iran could “pulverize” New York and turn it into a “hellish ruin.”

The IRGC also boasted that nuclear facilities in places like Fordow are built deep under the mountains of Iran, protected against trench-busting bombs and atomic explosions. The IRGC-linked Bismichi Media Telegram channel said that while the Natanz facility in the Isfahan province is vulnerable to an attack by Western and Israeli forces, other facilities can assume war footing and engage in rapid nuclear breakout projects. Officials in the video post addressed that Iran’s enrichment process to build atomic weapons in underground facilities has allowed the regime to become a member of the international community’s nuclear world powers.”

Sabati posted the following on Saturday, which confirms the reporting:

Last week, Nasser Kanani, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson, stated that Tehran would not rush into a quick nuclear deal with the West, adding that Iran would cooperate with talks if the U.S. acted “constructively and positively.” In July, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abddollahian told reporters that Iran is seeking guarantees from the U.S. to be “stung twice” the same way under the previous administration.

According to many experts, such economic concessions would allow the Iranian government to have funds to support the government and the IRGC and terrorist proxies like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.

“By negotiating with Iran, the Biden Administration is making deals with the nation that wishes destruction on America’s ally Israel,” Attorney and broadcaster Jay Skelulow posted about Democrats’ dangerous and corrupt plans with Iran.

“The U.S. and Iran’s regime have recently stepped away from failed nuclear talks to revive the 2015 agreement created under the Obama Administration. The previous agreement stipulated that Iran would decrease its nuclear enrichment for civilian use and receive economic sanctions relief from the West. However, under the Trump Administration, the President and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revoked the agreement, enacting a policy of maximum pressure, citing the numerous violations committed under the regime,” the Foreign desk reported.

In a release from her office, US Senator, Republican Joni Ernst said: “Pres Biden’s DOJ might be purposefully slow walking an investigation into Iranians who are linked to terror groups. Why? One reason could be the President’s continued, desperate pursuit for a new Iran nuclear deal….”

“Under the Biden administration, the President and his team have been committed to reviving the agreement to score a political win with Iran, engaging in numerous talks with Tehran officials in Vienna. However, negotiations are at a standstill, given that Iran officials have refused to surrender on threats to assassinate several former U.S. government officials in retaliation for the U.S. killing of IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani,” the Foreign desk reported.

According to media reports, White House Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk told a group of think tank experts several days ago that the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran is unlikely.

And that could be what caused the temper tantrum over the weekend.

Alavi posted the following video on Sunday that is a direct threat:

And one Senator, Ernst, is furious at Biden and his appeasement of Iran’s threats and terrorism, according to her letter:

“The Justice Department may possess key information about Iranians in Argentina, but the administration is suspiciously ignoring requests for it, even under treaty obligations.

WASHINGTON – After Iranians with direct links to the country’s most prominent designated terrorist organization were detained in Argentina early last month, the Biden administration has refused to provide key Argentinian law enforcement officials information confirming links to terrorist activities.

Ernst is leading a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding a rationale for the Justice Department’s “uncharacteristic delay and lack of responsiveness” to formal requests by the Argentinian judiciary for information key to their investigation into the Iranian suspects. Ernst states that the delay “suggests a prioritization of other parts of this administration’s agenda, such as negotiations over a new Iranian nuclear deal.”

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