Ted Cruz Drops Bombshell On Why So Many Hispanics Are Turning Republicans

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Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the first Hispanic US Senator from Texas. Hence, he understands the point of view of the American Hispanic Community, and he has a lot to say about why it is that the Democrats are losing so many Hispanics from their base.

Cruz claims that Democrats are racist and Hispanics know it, which may explain the recent sinking of Joe Biden’s approval rating with the voting demographic.

Until just recently, the Democrats could count on Hispanics to blindly vote for anyone they put up to run and to support the radical public policy ideas of the left; however, President Donald J. Trump changed all of that by targeting that demographic in 2015 and inviting them into his America First agenda.

And Hispanics have not stopped leaving the Democrats ever since.

According to recent national polls: “Only 19 percent of Hispanics approve of Biden’s conduct as president, while 70 percent disapprove, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday. Of Hispanics who disapprove, 49 percent feel strongly about it while 20 percent are somewhat discontented,” National Review reported.

Cruz appeared at a Turning Point USA event over the weekend and gave Breitbart News an exclusive interview, where he talked about this very issue.

The Texas Senator told the news outlet why he thinks Hispanics are fleeing the Democrat Party for good and what it means about the party of identity politics.

Breitbart writer Matthew Boyle reported Cruz’s point of view that the Democrat’s problem is “openly racist commentary from Democrats like a blogger paid by Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) and even from even first lady Jill Biden are exacerbating a shift among Hispanic voters already underway from the Democrats to the Republicans.”

Boyle referred to two of the most recent shocking blunders by Democrats, who claim to be the judges of equity and inclusion for all minorities.

“During the interview, Cruz referenced how Jill Biden called Hispanics “breakfast tacos” in a recent speech in San Antonio and how Gonzalez—the vulnerable Democrat congressman in a South Texas district primed to flip to the GOP for the first time in over a century—paid a blogger who called Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) “Miss Frijoles,” among other racist attacks,” Boyle reported.

The Texas Tribune reported on an embarrassing apology by Jill Biden after a horrendous slip up by the silly First lady- who compared the Hispanic community to food, saying:

First lady Jill Biden apologized Tuesday after she said during a San Antonio speech that the Latino community was “as unique as the breakfast tacos” in the city.

“The First Lady apologizes that her words conveyed anything but pure admiration and love for the Latino community,” her spokesperson, Michael LaRosa, said in a tweet.

Biden commented Monday while addressing the annual conference of UnidosUS, a Latino civil rights group.

The apology did nothing to erase what Biden had done, and since then, her press secretary has resigned. Social media erupted with memes and trending jokes about Biden for days.

And even lapdog media, MSNBC, had reported on the insanity of the “Miss Frijoles” attacks.

A Texas blogger paid by Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez’s campaign is attacking Republican opponent Rep. Mayra Flores as “Miss Frijoles” and a “cotton-pickin’ liar,” prompting a wave of denunciations by fellow Democrats.

The language first surfaced three days after Gonzalez’s campaign wrote a $1,200 check to The McHale Report blog June 24 for “advertising services,” according to the Democrat’s Federal Election Commission finance report.

But the blog, which has called Flores “Miss Frijoles” 21 times since then, has not published any Gonzalez ads.

Flores, in a Twitter post-Monday, accused the Gonzalez campaign of paying “a local blogger to run hateful & racist ads against me,” a charge that the Gonzalez campaign and blogger Jerry McHale deny.

“Democrats are openly racist,” Cruz said, according to Boyle.

Cruz went on to slam the Democrats in the interview:

Their attitude toward minorities is they want Hispanics, they want African Americans, they want all of us to just stay on the plantation, shut up, and obey them. We saw Jill Biden come down to San Antonio and compare Hispanics—say ‘you are as diverse as breakfast tacos,’ which I got to say, as the son of a Cuban immigrant, is pretty damn offensive,” Breitbart reported.

“Like, lady, we’re not tacos. By the way, every bit as hysterical, she tried to reference bodegas up in New York and she called them ‘bogedas’ which was a classic, rich, out-of-touch liberal trying to pretend ‘you minority people: shut up and vote for the Democrats,’ like you’re supposed to. The amazing thing about the taco line is that wasn’t a gaffe. That wasn’t like Joe Biden on a foreign trip just saying something stupid into the camera, which he does all the time.

That was written into the teleprompters.

The White House staff signed off on it. This Biden White House thought it was good to call Hispanics a bunch of tacos, so of course Vicente Gonzalez pays someone to call Mayra Flores ‘Miss Frijoles’ because their view—by the way, we also had a Democratic congressman get on the House floor last week and lambast Clarence Thomas because he is black and he’s married to a white woman.”

Cruz continued by noting that the “racism” Democrats espouse is “grotesque,” but he argued they get away with it because, with rare exceptions—he pointed to Breitbart News and Fox News as two outlets willing to regularly call them out—most media outlets ignore it.

“It is grotesque, the racism of Democrats and that they casually throw out these kinds of insults,” Cruz said. “You know what they count on? They count on that the corporate media will never report it and will keep it quiet. You guys will cover it. Fox will cover it. But in the corporate media it doesn’t exist and they will keep it silent forever.”


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