Swanky NYC hotel being trashed by immigrants acting like ‘animals’, taxpayer-funded food tossed in bulk

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Asylum-seeking migrants being housed in a $500/night four-star hotel in New York City have been reported to be acting like animals, according to a whistleblower in housekeeping.

Filipe Rodriguez, a Row NYC hotel worker, says that they are “drinking all day,” “smoking marijuana,” “consuming drugs,” “having sex in the stairs,” “hoarding whatever,” “spreading all type of illnesses,” as well as occasionally engaging in “domestic violence.”

In addition, they’re illegally cooking their own food in their rooms instead of consuming the food they’re given.

“It’s every day you’ll find someone cooking. You can smell the eggs and rice that they’re making,” stated a housekeeping employee to local television station WABC. “They burned the carpets with the hot plates.”

In an interview with WABC, Rodriguez added, “If those hot plates catch on fire, the whole place will go down in flames.”

On the other hand, the city pretends this is all a product of the workers’ imaginations.

“All clients are offered a food selection that reflects the diets of residents and is prepared same-day to ensure freshness. Last month, residents were even asked to participate in guest surveys to help us refine and expand menu options,” according to an official from the city who spoke to WABC.

“Of course we cannot and would not ever force clients to finish food they had taken, but we do donate leftover food when possible,” the spokesperson continued.

During an interview on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday, Rodriguez said the hotel’s management team wouldn’t allow them to say or do anything.

“When you go into our rooms and you say something, the hotel management –especially the GM — has directed us that we’re not allowed to tell them nothing. They practically have carte blanche [to do what they want],” he explained.

“They’re not holding any accountability. They’re not really supervising this the way they should,” he told WABC separately.

As opposed to him and every other law-abiding citizen of the United States.

“There was a time in 2017 when I paid a lot of money to house my wife and my kids. I paid cable. I paid gas. I paid light. I paid my car payments. There was a lot of stuff that I had to be responsible. Fortunately for the migrants, they got the government of the United States to hand them carte blanche to pretty much do as they wish,” he added.

“In the process of running around the place carte blanche, the migrants are also reportedly essentially destroying the hotel, piece by piece,” BizPacReview reported.

“The conditions of the rooms are horrible. The carpets are bad. They write on the walls. I would say 95 percent of those rooms are destroyed,” the other housekeeping attendant told WABC.

Rodriguez also told Fox News about a fight he witnessed that culminated in him snapping a photo of some marijuana just lying on the hotel lobby’s floor.

“I was there that night, and one of the migrants was drunk, and he took a swing on the security officer, hit him in the head. The security for the hotel took him down. The NYPD responded,” he said.

“And when the NYPD entered the hotel, there was a couple of teenagers by the stairs of the lobby to go into the top lobby, and when they seen the cops, they just dropped the weed on the stairs, and I seen it, so I took pictures of it, and I collected it and gave it to security,” he added.

He and the second attendant worry about losing their jobs once the migrants depart.

“They will have to renovate after they’re not there and that’s going to put us out of work for God knows how long,” Rodriguez commented.

Considering the entire scenario, he called it a disgrace.

BPR added that, “News of the conditions at the Row comes only days after President Joe Biden granted amnesty to an additional 30,000 migrants per month, meaning even more migrants are presumably en route to NYC and thus the Row at this very moment:”

In December, the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Arizona which was constructed from shipping containers was been halted by that state’s Governor, Doug Ducey. Ducey had the wall constructed because Biden ordered all border wall construction halted when he was installed as president by the FBI.

“Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is being forced to take down a makeshift border wall of shipping containers after the Biden Administration sued him for “damaging the United States” by putting up the temporary structure in the absence of any Federal border protection,” according to Summit News.

The lawsuit charged that the wall had been erected “unlawfully and without authority,” on Federal lands in Yuma County.

Ducey issued an executive order in August providing for 3,820 feet of open border to be blocked by 130 shipping containers within 11 days. By early November, the initiative had expanded elsewhere along the border, with 6,680 feet of containers stacked two-high throughout Cochise County.







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