Supreme Court rules AGAINST a bid by Republican states to defend a Trump immigration policy

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The crisis on the southern border of the United States, between the US and Mexico, has been a weak spot in national and domestic security for a very long time because so many weak politicians in State and Federal governments are afraid of defending America as land and Americans as a people.

And the US Supreme Court can’t even find a way to force our civil servants to do their jobs to protect anyone. Apparently, that isn’t their job to do.

No doubt, with all of the criminal activities a soft border allows some politicians are getting paid in kickbacks to be soft on defense and to look the other way.

The bottom line is that American taxpayers are being looted and forced to pay for dependents who are existing on government and social programs.

Democrat Biden, as we can see from his actions, is not a great defender of America or Americans, so the border crisis is now a full-blown disaster- with many profiteers benefitting from what appears to be an invasion.

Biden’s policies- which are attempts to actually lure in massive amounts of illegals with the promises of benefits and perks out of the tax base are drastically different from the policies of President Donald J. Trump’s America First agenda.

But too many Americans had hurt feelings about the way that Trump tweeted- so here we are.

Also, we know that leftist non-profits and non-government organizations are making a lot of wealth from the government funneling money to them for ‘assistance,’ which the left all disguise as a response to an emergency- which they themselves created. Convenient for people who love money.

Government agencies are also redirecting massive amounts of funds into nongovernment programs to assist illegals in different ways- giving them a free start at a new comfortable life.

Often, as seen when they got priority offerings of Baby food formulas, they get all their needs met first. But why? Why are we funding all of that, as the American people suffer from out-of-control rising costs- with no help in sight for them?

Let’s remember Trump tried to stop all of it and was attacked by both the established elite in DC/ the migrants who wanted the money and perks and the American people who focused on the left’s propaganda- like ‘Orange man bad” and “mean tweets” and did nothing but attack the man.

So here we are.

While people may have been upset about how they perceived Trump to be, the truth is they got their opinions of Trump from the lapdog media- whose only mission it was to protect the left’s money-making schemes.

Many of those anti-Trump voters are now finding out that Trump was making the country more wealthy and safer- and they are figuring it all out- too late.

Who can help us?

SCOTUS just this week denied a case that would have elevated some of the problems of how we are funding our own invasion- which continues to be an excellent motivation for people to flee to America- free stuff.

At the center of the recently dismissed case was a federal law that says that green card applicants cannot be burdens to the country or “public charges.”

HERE IS WHAT TRUMP DID ABOUT IT: The Trump administration significantly expanded the definition, saying the use of public benefits, including food stamps or Medicaid, could be disqualifying. That led to court challenges, but the Supreme Court allowed the policy to take effect while those continued.

Biden ended Trump’s expansion and then when SCOTUS was called to do something about that- they passed it by.

Perhaps because if the American people won’t do something as simple as vote for their own interests- why should the SCOTUS come to the rescue? Who knows.  Read what SCOTUS did.

On Wednesday, SCOTUS ruled on the matter before the court that may have somewhat curtailed the cost of government dependence- but the case was dismissed in a per curiam opinion on June 15, 2022.

According to SCOTUS Blog, “Traditionally, the per curiam opinion was used to signal that a case was uncontroversial, obvious, and did not require a substantial opinion.”

Chief Justice Roberts filed a concurring opinion, in which Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch joined.

The Daily Mail reported on a frustrating story that proves Americans need to think logically and get out and vote in Nov- because they are not going to stop Biden’s border giveaways.

“The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday against allowing states to defend a change in immigration law by former President Donald Trump that would impose limits on the amount of immigrants allowed in the country who would rely on government benefits.

Republicans sought in the case Arizona v. City and County of San Francisco to uphold a rule by Trump, and rejected by President Joe Biden, that would expand the definition of ‘public charge’ to deny migrants entry into the country if they would primarily depend on the government for their income.

While the rule never took effect, the 6-3 conservative majority Supreme Court bench officially denied this GOP request in an opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts along with Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch concurring on Wednesday.”

Yahoo News reported on the case, saying it was was “procedural in nature, but at its heart was former President Trump’s “public charge rule,” a 2019 measure that had imposed new restrictions on poorer immigrants to the U.S., until the Biden administration ended the policy last year.”

The justices’ move Wednesday to dismiss the case leaves a lower appeals court ruling intact.

The court’s dismissal was somewhat unusual since the justices heard an argument in the case earlier this term.

In an opinion concurring with the court’s move, Chief Justice John Roberts said the case ultimately raised too many legal questions beyond the scope of the issue the court had agreed to hear.


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