Supreme Court Refuses To Update Americans on Who Leaked The Roe v. Wade Draft

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The American people have a right to know what our government is doing. Yet, our media, elected representatives, and civil servants often deny us essential transparency about their actions on important matters that affect our lives and well-being.

Right now, almost three months after the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked by an insider and given to the press in an apparent attempt to harass and influence the high court with violent activism unduly; there’s still no update on who leaked the information that ignited the left into action, and if they are connected to the leaker.

It took Twitter until mid-July to police a violent group of agitators who were organizing violent protests against the Supreme Court justices at their homes on the platform.

Ruth Sent Us,” a group that posted the home addresses of Supreme Court justices in May immediately following the leaked  SCOTUS draft, had also stalked and harassed Justice Kavanagh and bragged about it on their Twitter account, encouraging others to take part in violent activism. 

Shortly after the July Morton’s violence, one of the group’s accounts was suspended- but it took that long, they have other accounts, and the public has no answers about why this group rose to power and who is behind them. Unfortunately, they seem to align with the leaker.

How they got organized and funded, with perfect messaging, branding and PR, and organized violence so fast after the POLITICO leak, should be easy to figure out. But so far, we have been given no information about that either.

The American people were promised there would be investigations into the corrupt actions by people we trusted. Instead, the government and lapdog media have again marginalized the American people. Our right to know has been ignored.

Who leaked the draft and why? Those are questions Americans have.

“Right to know” empowers “people by allowing them to participate in an informed way in decisions that affect them, while also holding governments and others accountable.” It pursues universal access to information as the essential foundation of inclusive knowledge.”

Recent media reports show that we may never know.

A recent report from the Associated Press reveals that the nation’s highest court has not provided any updates on the investigation nor has any new information been released to the public.

“Less than 24 hours after the unprecedented leak of the draft opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade, Chief Justice John Roberts ordered an investigation into the egregious breach,” the AP reported.

“Since then? Silence. The Supreme Court won’t say whether it’s still investigating. The court also won’t say whether the leaker has been identified or whether anyone has been disciplined. Or whether an outside law firm or the FBI has been called in. Or whether the court will ever offer an accounting of what transpired. Or whether it has taken steps to try to prevent a repeat,” the AP added.

At the end of June, Chief Justice John Roberts released a statement that read the court was in recess until October:

“I am authorized to announce that the Court has acted upon all cases submitted to the Court for decision this Term,” Roberts said.

“On behalf of all the Justices, I would like to thank the Supreme Court employees for their outstanding work and dedication to their important responsibilities this Term,” Roberts’ statement said. “I also thank the members of the Court’s bar for their professionalism and cooperation.”

And Roberts avoided any update about the leaker he promised to investigate.

“This leak was intended to intimidate the justices and threaten the whole institution of the Court. Now the Court is facing an all-out assault from the left with an assassination attempt on a sitting justice and elected Democrats declaring an entire branch of government ‘illegitimate,’” Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley said.

“Thankfully, the leak did not change the outcome of this monumental case, but we need to get to the bottom of what happened and ensure it never does again,” Hawlyer added.

“I would hope that the Chief Justice is treating the investigation with great urgency given that the current clerks are nearly done with the term and he will soon lose whatever leverage he currently has,” Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino said.

She suggested that “pressure to get to the bottom of the leak may wane” now that the court has issued its opinion on Dobbs.

“Unfortunately, a failure to identify and punish the culprit will only incentivize future leaks — serving to undermine the functioning of the Court and potentially endanger the justices,” she added.

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz also offered his opinion of who he believes the “leaker” could be.

“To those points, the leak prompted attacks on Catholic churches, according to a Catholic Vote tracker, and dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers around the U.S.

Also, one man traveled across the country from California to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home with the original intention of assassinating him. Thankfully, he called the police and turned himself in before attempting to do anything,” Martin Walsh reported for Conservative Brief.

“The man admitted to authorities that he sought to kill Kavanaugh,” Walsh reported

Yet- we have no answers about the powers behind this apparent collusion against our SCOTUS, as promised.


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