Supreme Court Drops Big News About Voter ID Law Just Before Midterms

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North Carolina voters have wanted Voter ID for a long time. Still, radical far-left Marxist- Eric Holder, with the help of community organizer William J. Barber, has been successfully crafting the usurpation of our election process from the state of North Carolina.

Together the left’s dream team fought the voters back from having their votes respected- with an avalanche of lawfare to prevent Voter ID from happening.

In 2013, Eric Holder announced a Justice Department suit against parts of the North Carolina election law, including a voter ID requirement, saying lawmakers knowingly curtailed minority voting rights.

In 2015 and 2018, the majority of voters statewide voted in support of the voter ID.  And then the state court had their own lawsuit and ruled the law was unconstitutional.

In 2016 Holder used the Justice Department to also challenge provisions in North Carolina including the elimination of same-day registration during early voting, and a reduction in the early voting period from 17 days to 10 days and objected to a measure that bars the counting of any provisional ballot submitted in a precinct other than the voter’s assigned home precinct.

The 2018 lawsuit contended the law was discriminatory and would disproportionately harm Black voters who lacked easy access to IDs. 

That may all be about to come to an end. in 2022 the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review a dispute over voter ID laws in North Carolina just months before November’s crucial midterm elections.

The court announced that it will hear a case over whether Republican lawmakers in North Carolina can intervene to defend the state’s voter ID law from lawsuits.

Martin Walsh reported for Conservative Brief about the announcement:

Republican lawmakers say the state’s Democratic Attorney General John Stein is not properly defending the law from legal challenges brought by the NAACP and other groups who claim it violates the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

Back in September, a North Carolina three-judge panel blocked the state’s photo voter ID law, ruling that it “was motivated at least in part by an unconstitutional intent to target African American voters.”

The law, S.B. 824, requires voters to present a photo ID in order to vote.

In a 2-1 ruling, two Wake County Superior Court judges held that the law violates the state’s constitution “because it was adopted with a discriminatory purpose.”

“North Carolina’s Voter ID law was enacted with the unconstitutional intent to discriminate against African American voters,” the majority wrote.

The two judges cited a 2015 study by Sen. Van Duyn that found at least 5.9% of registered voters lacked identification and that 9.6% of black voters “lacked acceptable ID” compared to just 4.5% of registered white voters under a previous election bill.

The majority also said the law was discriminatory because “since a greater percentage of Black voters live in poverty, Black voters face greater hurdles to acquiring photo ID.”

S.B. 824 required voters in North Carolina to present photo ID, including driver’s licenses, military IDs, and other forms of identification.

Judge Nathaniel Poovey dissented, claiming “not one scintilla of evidence was introduced during this trial that any legislator acted with racially discriminatory intent.”

Poovey said plaintiffs relied on the “past history of other lawmakers and used an extremely broad brush to paint the 2018 General Assembly with the same toxic paint. The majority opinion, in this case, attempts to weave together the speculations and conjectures that Plaintiffs put forward as circumstantial evidence of discriminatory intent behind Session Law 2018-144.”

Poovey noted that plaintiffs “failed to meet their initial burden” to prove the legislature “acted with a racially discriminatory intent.”

The use of victimhood to prevent the American people from being heard has been a consistent tactic for the left to usurp our Republic, because when everything and everyone is racist and there is no remedy other than removing civil liberties from others- the left easily gets their way- so they use the tactic a lot.

NC Speaker Tim Moore reported on a remedy to the idea that Black North Carolinians couldn’t afford to get IDs by finding money to purchase IDs for them- but that didn’t make the left happy- because of course the issue was not to actually get people IDs.

So the left claims that the state purchasing IDs for Black residents so they can vote, is White supremacy. There is no solution to any problems with the left’s dramas, so it is never-ending battles.

Moore has been in a battle with radical far-left Democrat Roy Cooper over voter ID for a long time. Moore reminds the radical Governor that the voters of North Carolina voted that they want voter IDs, and that includes Black voters who voted for the move- but Cooper and other leftists don’t want to hear about it.

Speaker Moore takes Cooper to task for being obtuse:

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of counting undated mail-in ballots in a contested Pennsylvania local election.

The 6-3 ruling could create broader implications for close races in November’s crucial midterm elections.

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