Steve Bannon Says Fox News Is ‘All In On Taking Down’ Trump

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Fox News is now on the permanent ‘naughty’ list for supporters of the America First movement because Steve Bannon has lambasted them over their coverage of the January 6th hearings, and it is questionable how they will ever get back to their days of being the non-state approved news analysts for the majority of Americans.

Bannon’s eruption over Fox’s recent coverage of the house hearings was so firey it shook the left- and they picked up the story because of the intensity of the heat.

One can see the dramatic narrative from the left as they explain the villains in their story and set up the character development for President Donald J. Trump and Steve Bannon, as second nexus reported:

“Former advisor to Donald Trump Steve Bannon attacked Fox News for finally covering the biggest story in United States politics—the January 6th House Select Committee hearings.

Bannon—a prior Trump pardon recipient—was cited for contempt for refusing to cooperate with the House inquiry into the Capitol riot that resulted in at least five deaths, over 100 injuries to law enforcement, and millions of dollars in damages.”

Bannon, an excellent filmmaker himself, has consistently explained to the bubble-dwelling politicos that most Americans, do not care about the establishment’s theater and dramas.

But DC, unlike millions of voters, doesn’t want to listen to Bannon. Especially not about the January 6th hearings, where Bannon is one of the two leading villains- that would spoil all of their plans to get Trump for the 3rd impeachment.

Bannon was fired up, when he wrote Wednesday morning on GETTR in response to a Guardian article by socialist Robert Reich:

One of the most left-wing columnists in the world’s major left-wing paper was distraught that MAGA could give AF about J6 hearings or that the ‘show trial’ has done absolutely nothing to slow the inexorable Rise of ‘The Army of The Awakened’’

From Reich’s article:

“We tragically fool ourselves if we believe that the televised hearings of the January 6 committee will change the Republican party or end Trump’s attempted coup.

The Republican party is becoming ever more divorced from reality, and Trump’s attempted coup continues unabated,” Reich reported, as if he has been living under a rock for three decades.

“The first four hearings of the committee have demolished the myths of voter fraud repeated incessantly by Trump,”is also how second nexus reported.

Bannon sees the narrative very differently- he sees what is going to be interesting to the majority of people- and that is who is exposing their anti-Trump hatred- and FOX News is one of those groups.

Many Americans have an on-again and off-again approval of Fox News since they were the first to shockingly- call the state of Arizona for Biden on election eve, causing a house of cards in the following days and weeks of ballot dumps and counting that disabled the trust Americans have in elections.

Bannon wrote in all caps- and that act flung all the way across the media sphere.

“Fox News shows their hand—all in on taking down President Trump—now it’s out in the open—IF YOU WATCH FOX U ARE ONLY AIDING AND ABETTING THEIR ANTI-TRUMP HATE,” Bannon posted on GETTR.

Bannon linked to a mediate article by Alex Griffing,  titled: Fox News Analysts Call Testimony From Republicans Pressured By Trump ‘Powerful’: ‘Shows His Unfitness’ and Suggests He ‘May be Guilty of a Crime’

In the article, Griffing wrote about the objectionable content from FOX that made Bannon get so hot that the left shook and trembled:

In a segment with Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley and anchors John Roberts and Anita Vogel, McCarthy concluded that the committee presented evidence that Trump is unfit to serve as president and “may be guilty of a crime.”

Bannon, on his show the War Room, has spent a great deal of time exploring theories and ideas that are not his own, just to get a perspective of what is unfolding. Not everyone is like that.

One person who took a totally different view about Bannon’s process and caps- than what the left and the establishment saw was Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D’souza- who thinks Bannon is on to something.

D’Souza took an opportunity in a recent interview to both slam Fox News to praise Bannon and to also point out that his movie- 2000 Mules was being discussed by Bill Barr, the former attorney general at the disastrous hearings.

“Seems as though the goal is to gather this evidence and perhaps present it to the Department of Justice to see if there is a crime here, that President Trump committed,” Vogel said, adding, “And in his opening statement, Representative Adam Schiff named a crime. He said what the president did was conspiracy to defraud the United States. Is that the crime they are looking to charge him with?”

The real hero in our environment is Steve Bannon in the War Room; he is getting all the truth out, the host said to Dinesh D’Souza, who replied, “What I love about Bannon is that he can not be controlled. he is unhinged and he says what he thinks.

I would rather have a guy like him who opens the door to every theory. Some of them might be far out and unsupported, but I would rather have that vigorous, open, free speech environment than the kind of close suffocating atmosphere like CNN and MSNBC and even FOX- even Bill Barr is talking about 2000 Mules at the Jan. 6th Committee,” D’Souza said.



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