Steve Bannon Challenges Jan 6th Panel – “My Offer Is Out There”

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Steve Bannon could be poised to change the direction of the entire US House Committee on January 6th, because he has issued a challenge to the sham panel after he agreed to testify in public.

The panel is pressuring Bannon to testify in private and Bannon is backing down to them.

“After months of flatly refusing to cooperate, former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon, whose trial on criminal contempt charges is set to begin this week, ridiculed the Jan. 6 committee on Tuesday and dared its members to allow him to testify in public,” the outlet reported.

And Bannon clearly has the destruction of the Committee’s anti-Trump narrative on his mind.

“So pray for them,” he continued. “That’s who needs prayers. Not MAGA, not War Room, and certainly not Steven K. Bannon.”

Noting that another hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Bannon said, “We’ll see … what happens this afternoon, but hey, my offer is out there.”

“Here’s what I need,” the Trump ally said. “Give me a date, a time, a room number, a microphone, and a Holy Bible that I can take the oath on.”

“Deliver that and we’ll see how good you are little Jamie Raskin and Liz Cheney and all of it — serve it up!” he added.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” he believes that Bannon “had a change of heart” after watching people, like ex-White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, speak to the committee.

“He’s decided that he wants to come in, and if he wants to come in, I’m certain that the committee would be very interested in hearing from him,” Raskin said.

Though Bannon has said he would rather testify in a public hearing, the committee has indicated that he needs to sit for a private interview first, usually in a sworn deposition.

“The way that we have treated every single witness is the same, that they come in, they talk to the committee there,” Raskin said. “If they’re going to take a deposition, they’re sworn under oath. It’s videotaped. It’s recorded, and then we take it from there.”

Several political commentators and legal analysts have cautioned against allowing Bannon to testify publicly.  Bannon definitely holds the power to take the hearing into a matric that the US Reps would not be prepared to deal with.

Bloomberg Business reporter Joshua Green told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday that Bannon’s abrupt cooperativeness can likely be chalked up to his desire to “undermine the credibility” of the House select committee and counter its narrative that Trump is a traitor.

And Bannon is not alone in taking on the US House Committee.

Oath Keepers founder, Elmer Stewart Rhodes III, has agreed to waive his Fifth Amendment rights and is challenging the House January 6 Select Committee to let him testify LIVE and in person on a televised broadcast so he can pit the truth as he sees it; against the committee’s “pack of lies,” according to 100% Fed Up.

“Rhodes has three stipulations to deliver testimony: that the panel broadcast the full testimony live, let him appear in person for the deposition in lieu of a remote appearance from his jail cell, and allow his counsel to be present,” Politico reported.

Just weeks ago Bannon had taken on Fox News with the same focus we see from him about now testifying publically.

Fox News is now on the permanent ‘naughty’ list for supporters of the America First movement because Steve Bannon has lambasted them over their coverage of the January 6th hearings, and it is questionable how they will ever get back to their days of being the non-state approved news analysts for the majority of Americans.

Bannon’s eruption over Fox’s recent coverage of the house hearings was so firey it shook the left- and they picked up the story because of the intensity of the heat.

One can see the dramatic narrative from the left as they explain the villains in their story and set up the character development for President Donald J. Trump and Steve Bannon, as Second Nexus reported:

“Former advisor to Donald Trump Steve Bannon attacked Fox News for finally covering the biggest story in United States politics—the January 6th House Select Committee hearings.

Bannon—a prior Trump pardon recipient—was cited for contempt for refusing to cooperate with the House inquiry into the Capitol riot that resulted in at least five deaths, over 100 injuries to law enforcement, and millions of dollars in damages.”

Bannon, an excellent filmmaker himself, has consistently explained to the bubble-dwelling politicos that most Americans, do not care about the establishment’s theater and dramas.

But DC, unlike millions of voters, doesn’t want to listen to Bannon. Especially not about the January 6th hearings, where Bannon is one of the two leading villains- that would spoil all of their plans to get Trump for the 3rd impeachment.


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