Steve Bannon calls for ‘4,000 shock troops’ to dismantle US government ‘brick by brick’

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When Stephen K. Bannon speaks, the lapdog media listens and then freaks out and puts out their bombastic drama- for ‘news’. Currently, there are two leading stories that illustrate the real-life panic the authoritarian state is in, which is really worth deconstructing.

The media’s reaction to Bannon’s latest War Room program exposes them blowing their collective ‘gasket’ and comes just days after Bannon was found guilty on two charges of Contempt of Congress.

But not even while facing potential prison time has Bannon, a former strategist for President Donald J. Trump, slowed down his fight to defend the American Republic- not one bit.

Bannon is threatening to take down the left’s long march through America’s institutions, and his latest War Room commentary threatens to end the Democrat’s many usurpations for good.

The Independent reported that Bannon has called for “4,000 shock troops to come forward to dismantle the United States federal government brick by brick”.

During a recent broadcast, a co-host said, “There is a plan in place that this second Trump term is going to be far more consequential than the first one.”

“Steve Cortes joined Bannon and called on thousands of ‘shock troops’ to step forward, which is how the media described what they heard.

Bannon talked about having a one-hour special to cover this topic in the near future, putting a target on the whole idea- to try to marginalize Bannon.

“I want everybody to understand deeply exactly what we’re doing here. Because you’re going to be a part of it,” Bannon said.


Bannon is nothing if not consistent, according to the Independent article:

“Mr. Bannon has repeatedly deployed his shock troop shtick in the past year.

In October 2021, he claimed the Maga movement had “20,000 shock troops” who were “ready to go” during a podcast rant.

He repeated the claim that 4,000 shock troops were preparing to take over the government while hosting Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz in December.”

Noteworthy is that “Shock troops” is how the left describes Americans getting involved with their civic duties to the United States of America.

Another shocking thing is that the leftist media completely ignores the fact that in 2016 the Trump administration called for regular Americans to apply to be a part of his administration.

The Washington Post covered Trump’s invitation to Americans:

“President-elect Trump is soliciting applications for administration positions as part of a new transition website that aims to streamline the process of naming 4,000 political appointees.

The site — — reveals the preparations that took place ahead of Tuesday’s election by Trump’s presidential transition team. It invites users not only to submit job applications to but “share ideas” with Trump.

So including Americans to be a part of the government process is shocking to the lapdog media, and they are using it all as an opportunity to slam Bannon- of course.

“Days after being convicted of contempt of Congress, the former White House adviser told listeners of his War Room podcast on Monday of a scheme to purge the government of thousands of non-partisan civil servants should Donald Trump be reelected as president,” The Independent reported.

Mr Bannon said it went far beyond “draining the swamp”, “This is taking on and defeating and deconstructing the administrative state,” Bannon said, much to the shock of the left.

So, it appears as if Bannon and Trump are on the same page, as if they are getting the ‘old band back together”, and the media is not happy at all with the idea.

Adding to the temper tantrum of the media over Bannon’s comments, Axios recently reported that Donald Trump was planning to fire thousands of federal workers at all levels of government if he gets back into the White House.

According to the Johnathon Swan Axios article Bannon referenced in the clip,  Trump wants to install MAGA Populists into the ranks of the federal bureaucracy- or what Bannon calls the authoritarian state- during his second administration.

As the Independent described it, it” also enables revenge tours against real or perceived enemies, and potentially insulate the president and allies from investigation or prosecution.”

They are focused on the idea of ‘revenge”.  The idea of regular Americans replacing life-long government dependents, who pretend to be civil servants, is frightening to the media.

According to their reporting, here is what they are focused on:

“Get them ready now. Right? We’re going to hit the beach with the landing teams and the beachhead teams and all that nomenclature they use when President Trump wins in 2024—or before,” Bannon said, alarming the media.

What the media hear in Bannon’s commentary is about a political confrontation over their elitist leftward shift in public policy that is not popular with the citizens, and they are obviously distraught.

“After the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v Wade in June, Mr Bannon again called for an “army of the awakened” to “shatter” Democrats.”

Mr Trump’s allies are largely intent on continuing that war, Axios reported, by stacking agencies with cronies and filling his cabinet with many of the loyalists who surrounded him in his final days in office.

Mr Bannon is facing a maximum of two years in prison after being convicted of two counts of ignoring a Congressional subpoena to testify before the January 6 selection committee, The Independent reported.

So it seems as if the Democrats are signaling that getting Bannon into prison may be their last best chance to stop the American people from reclaiming their own government.  The media also really do not want people watching the War Room.


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