Steve Bannon Asks DOJ Why Mark Meadows Not Prosecuted Over Jan. 6 Probe

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The Biden administration is persecuting the associates and allies of leading Conservatives, shockingly using the full weight of the US Government and the intelligence agencies to spread fear and pain among the ‘peasant class.’ The regime also has control of the lapdog media, who stand ready to use their platforms to smear people and cause humiliation- in what looks like soviet style show trials.

We had seen all of these tactics used before- in history – in brutal regimes- that used brutal tactics to seize power and control people.

As time goes by, as Joe Biden’s fascist-style governorship takes deeper roots, it is interesting to see which players are remaining loyal to the agenda of President Donald J. Trump, and his Populist-Conservative ‘America First’ platform- and which ones are folding.

What we can see is that while Biden’s popularity is tanking and the date of the midterm election draws closer, the pressure on leading pundits- by the established order in DC grows more dark and desperate.

The pressure to submit to the regime and harm Trump must be intense. But one man stands constantly in defiance of the pressures- Steve Bannon.

Bannon faces trial next month for criminal charges, yet he is not buckling under the pressure.

While Bannon stands firm- fighting in court over the charges brought against him for refusing to turn on Trump- others charged with the exact same things are curiously not being tried at all.

According to court documents Bannon and his legal team want to know what that is- what is happening, why are others- charged with the same things- not going to trial?

Newsweek reported on the oddity:

“Steve Bannon is seeking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to hand over records explaining why former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and ex-Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino escaped prosecution for not fully complying with their congressional subpoenas, whereas he was charged over similar offenses.

Bannon, a former White House adviser, was the first of Donald Trump’s inner circle to face criminal charges for refusing to cooperate with the subpoena issued to him by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Bannon is due to stand trial on charges of contempt of Congress and refusal to produce documents to the select committee after his argument that he couldn’t comply because of executive privilege was thrown out.”

Bannon is not the only person holding out for Trump and his agenda, Bannon- host of the War Room Podcast often hosts other determined Trumpian firebrands- who are also determined to stand in defense of the hope that the USA can return to greatness.

And the US Government has its grips firmly dug into one of Bannon’s most frequent guests, Peter Navarro.

Navarro is a former White House trade adviser under Trump, was also charged with contempt for refusing to comply with the subpoena.

According to the Newsweek report:

“In court filings submitted on Monday, Bannon’s lawyers are now seeking prosecutors to turn over records related to the DOJ’s decision not to charge Meadows and Scavino, claiming it could be “directly relevant” to Bannon’s defense.

“Mr. Meadows, in his civil case, has made legal arguments that parallel those raised by Mr. Bannon in submissions before this Court – as to the deficiencies regarding the Committee’s composition and its Rules violation as well as to the inapplicability of the criminal contempt statute when executive privilege has been invoked and the applicability of the [Office of Legal Counsel’s] opinions,” Bannon’s lawyers wrote.

So if Meadows is making the same legal arguments as Bannon- where is the equal justice under the law? Right?  This is pretty simple to understand.

Here is some more to think about:

“Moreover, executive privilege was invoked with respect to these two men in the exact same manner as it was for Mr. Bannon and just as in the instant case, it was the witness’s lawyer who conveyed former President Trump’s invocation of Executive Privilege to the Committee. Mr. Bannon is entitled to know the basis for the DOJ’s decision not to prosecute either man.”

The left is dug in to prosecute Bannon with something- anything- to get him to stop igniting the Populist movement that is taking aim at the centralized government.

They especially hate the idea that Bannon is citing media and the customary ‘media leaks and legal intimidations’ that is a hallmark of the establishment in DC- who are trying desperately to keep their jobs there.

Newsweek further points out:

Bannon’s letter also cited an article from The New York Times about Meadows and Scavino not facing criminal charges, claiming the newspaper obtained “a copy of the declination letters and, based on their reporting on the matter, it might well be that the letters reflecting the decision not to prosecute either Mr. Meadows or Mr. Scavino were summary notices, without much, if any analysis provided.”

The left maintains that a two-tiered system of justice is something that Americans will just have to learn to live with- and Bannon’s trial for protecting conversations with Donald J. Trump- when he was President of the United States- is something only Bannon seems willing to make a gallant stand for in this current mess.


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