SCOTUS Makes Monumental Decision On Praying Coach

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Is the US Supreme Court just ‘pulled the bandage’ off the Marxist left! After last week’s two major decisions about gun control and abortion, SCOTUS might be about ready to punch another hole in the foundation of the massive insurrection against our American Republic.

“The U.S. Supreme Court isn’t done with big cases for the year — decisions on school prayer and environmental rules, among others, still loom,” The Boston Herald reported Sunday.

And they were right: “Supreme Court rules for former coach in public school prayer case

Former Coach Joseph Kennedy argued that the Bremerton School District violated his religious freedom by telling him he couldn’t pray on the field after games.”

The question before them this session- is whether a football coach had the right to pray and SCOTUS ruling – ‘yes he did’ the left will no doubt freak out more.

What the left is upset about is that the court is allowing history to guide them, instead of the woke mob’s feelings to lead them. Such is the difference between a Constitutional Republican and a Democracy. And they may be about to get another hit- from the Supremes- on School Prayer.

The left makes the case for us perfectly- about why they insist we are a Democracy- and why we need to keep our Republic- with our representatives serving us- rather than a monarchy of elites who worship their own feelings. Because we get nothing when they serve the mob.

GQ, a men’s grooming magazine, is afraid that the SCOTUS is taking America backward- with their eyes on history too much- with two major rulings from last week. Check out how Cristian Farias explained it:

“More Guns, Less Freedom: The Supreme Court Wants to Take America Back to the 18th Century

The contradictions between two seismic rulings on gun rights and abortion this week reveal a brutal approach to the law.”

“Over the course of two days this week, the Supreme Court of the United States redefined American society, and people’s power to shape it, by looking at what the Constitution says or doesn’t say about two freedoms: that of women to decide the course of their own lives, and that of those who wish take up arms in self-defense.

They did it because they could. These freedoms, like others enshrined in law, have long carried certain limits and responsibilities. Yet for the high court’s ultraconservative majority, only one must yield to majority rule — the will of voters and elected representatives in the various states — and the other must be guarded zealously from this tyranny.

In overruling Roe v. Wade, and with it nearly 50 years of American law, and expanding the reach of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, which is a jurisprudential innovation of more recent vintage, the Supreme Court wants the public to accept that history rules the present — and that our founding charter, which is hailed as a beacon of liberty pointing to a more perfect union, reflects rules set in stone that no judge should dare disturb.”

Farias represents what we know about the left very, very well. He may be about to get another opportunity to bemoan the high court, according to media sources.

The Boston Herald reported on the looming prayer ruling on Sunday:

“The school prayer case out of Washington state centers around a former assistant football coach at the Bremerton School District, a public high school, who had a habit of audibly praying, midfield, after each football game. Many parents, spectators and a sizable portion of the football team would join him in the practice,” their report read.

“When Coach (Joseph) Kennedy took a knee at midfield after games to say a brief prayer of thanks, his expression was entirely his own. That private religious expression was doubly protected by the Free Exercise and Free Speech Clauses,” Paul Clement, attorney for Kennedy, said during oral arguments before the high court in April.

After leading the post-game prayer for seven years, in 2015, Kennedy was told by the district superintendent he was in violation of federal law regarding separation of church and state and ordered to stop.

He complied, at first, but resumed his prayers on the advice of Liberty Institute, a conservative legal group. The district placed him on leave and a lawsuit was born.

NBC, in fact, reported SCOTUS ruled in favor of the coach:

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a former Washington state high school football coach had a right to pray on the field immediately after games, a decision that could lead to more acceptance of religious expression at public schools.

The ruling was a victory for Joseph Kennedy, who claimed that the Bremerton School District violated his religious freedom by telling him he couldn’t pray so publicly after the games. The district said it was trying to avoid the appearance that the school was endorsing a religious point of view.

In recent years, a more conservative Supreme Court has been inclined to view government actions it once considered to be neutral and necessary to maintain separation of church and state as hostile to religious expression

SCOTUS may have the Marxists on the run.


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