SCOTUS Hands Unprecedented Victory To Donald Trump Right In Time!

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Even as the Justice Department of his main electoral challenger proceeded to bring indictments against him, former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign received some more encouraging news last week.

An ex-Republican senatorial candidate claims that Trump is “better positioned” to win a crucial swing state in 2019 than he was in 2020 based on current trends.

Before Trump’s event in Erie, Pennsylvania, Sean Parnell, a former Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, told Breitbart News that the GOP is closing the voter registration gap with Democrats in the state, making the former president’s route to victory simpler than it was two years ago.

Republicans have registered more voters, according to a Pennsylvania Administration of Voter Registration 2022 Annual Report, while Democrats have lost voters, Breitbart reported.

“Since 2018, the number of voters registered as members of the Democratic Party decreased, the number of voters registered as members of the Republican Party increased, and the number of voters who chose to be unaffiliated or registered with a non-major party increased. Voter roll numbers adjusted unevenly across the Commonwealth; the net changes ranged from a registrant increase of 2.76% in Chester County to a registrant decrease of 9.60% in Indiana County,” Breitbart added.

“The state, technically, by the numbers, is trending more Republican,” Parnell noted in the interview. “One could make the argument that, Pennsylvania, in 2024, will be more favorable for President Trump than it was in 2020.”

Trump has formally endorsed the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) “Bank Your Vote” effort, which encourages GOP voters to cast their ballots early, the former Senate candidate added.

Trump outlined his justification in a video, saying,“This must change for us to win in 2024. We may not like the current system, but we need to master the rules and beat the Democrats at their own game, and then we can make our own rules. Republicans must get tougher and fight harder to cast our votes and get our ballots turned in earlier so Democrats can’t rig the polls against us on election day. We cannot let that happen. They rigged the election in 2020—we cannot let that happen in 2024.”

While some independent investigators asserted to have discovered proof of significant vote fraud, several cases presented to state and federal courts refuted those assertions.

Trump, though, was “better positioned to win Pennsylvania today than he was in 2020,” Parnell repeated once more. There is hope, so don’t give up.

Out of more than 6,000,000 votes cast, Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by 44,292 votes, or 0.72 percent. By 80,555 votes, Joe Biden, the current president, won the state in 2020.

Data from Echelon Insights showed earlier this month that the former president was polling higher than Biden in many of the most important swing states.

According to the Washington Examiner, the survey “found that 48% of respondents in swing states would probably or definitely vote for Trump, compared to just 41% for Biden. Though Biden is narrowly favored overall by likely voters, with 43% favoring him compared to 42% for Trump, the Republican front-runner could win 270 Electoral College votes by seizing the swing states.”

Furthermore, Biden’s hold on the popular vote is not certain when taking Green Party opponent Cornel West into account. According to the poll, West could potentially win over a sizable number of Biden’s leftist supporters, possibly enough to tip the election in Trump’s favor.

“When taking West into consideration, Biden’s share of the vote drops to 42%, with West taking 4% of the vote. Trump emerges triumphant with 43% of the vote,” the Examiner added. “Trump’s lead in swing states is further solidified when West is involved as well. Trump’s share remains at 48%, while Biden’s drops to 40%.”


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