Russian missiles kill two people in NATO member Poland, US intelligence official says

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Biden is about to get his sick, insane wish for a nuclear war. This is why you don’t elect angry, self-righteous idiots to lead a country, especially if they are a Democrat.

Russia unleashed massive barrages of missiles on Ukraine today, and a few went into Poland, most likely unintentionally. A few people have been killed it’s being reported.

Many on social media are calling for Article 5 to be invoked as Poland is a member of NATO. If Article 5 is invoked, all of NATO must respond to the aggressor meaning that we could be in a nuke war at any moment, and we have a president who is OK with that.

“Russian missiles have killed two people in NATO member Poland, a senior US intelligence official has told the AP news agency. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called an urgent meeting to discuss national security, a government spokesman said on Twitter,” Sky News is reporting.

State news agency PAP said the meeting was to be held at 8pm GMT.

Latvia’s deputy prime minister, Artis Pabriks, said Moscow had fired missiles that landed in Poland and sent Warsaw his condolences.

The Estonian foreign ministry said the news from Poland was “most alarming” and said it was ready to defend “every inch of NATO territory”.

A US Pentagon spokesman said he had “no information to corroborate press reports” but was “taking them seriously and looking into them”.

A UK Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are investigating these reports and liaising closely with allies.”

NATO has a principle of collective defence which means that an attack against one ally is considered as an attack against all allies.

According to Polish media, missiles struck grain drying areas near the Ukrainian border in Przewodow, an eastern Polish village.

“Firefighters are on the spot – it’s not clear what has happened,” said a firefighter from the area.

The attack by Moscow on Ukraine knocked out the electricity to seven million households on Tuesday according to reports.

Lviv, about 50 miles from the Polish border, was hit by some of the missiles.

“It is unclear whether the two missiles that apparently landed in Poland were part of the same wave, but it is the first time Russian rockets are said to have reached Poland,” the Sky News report added.

Poland has not been involved in the conflict, but has welcomed millions of Ukrainian refugees and has widely condemned the war.

An American who is in Ukraine reporting on the situation posted on Twitter:

“I hate to say this but we are under attack in Ukraine and if I’m right Poland was hit? Getting info as I go but sounds like NATO finally has to step the fuck up.”

If the nukes start flying, the only person to blame is Biden who, unlike Trump, had to screw everything in the world up.

Two reports this week by AP and the Washington Post reveal that now there are “inspectors” added to the troops in Ukraine. “A small number of U.S. military forces inside Ukraine have recently begun doing onsite inspections to ensure that Ukrainian troops are properly accounting for the Western-provided weapons they receive, a senior U.S. defense official told Pentagon reporters Monday,” the AP/WaPo reporting revealed.

The American troops are said to be performing “inspections” of US weapon caches after last week the State Department and Pentagon unveiled a new plan to track US-supplied weapons in efforts to implement accountability for the billions of dollars worth of arms and ammunition transferred to Ukrainian forces since near the start of the war eight months ago.

As these tasks are separate from embassy security they fall under a different deployment, although the phrase “boots on the ground” has not been used to describe them, that is what they are.


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