RINO Dan Crenshaw Loses Chair After Calling Fellow Republicans ‘Terrorists’

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During last week’s heated infighting between House Republicans to elect a new speaker, some (then) Congressmen-elects were very vocal with their opinions of how other Republicans were voting. The most outraged and outspoken member was Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) who publicly lashed out at the fervent “Never McCarthy” Republicans who refused to relinquish their deep-rooted stance against the Republican nominee.

Crenshaw received a lot of backlash for calling his collegues “terrorists” for holding up the vote that would get Kevin McCarthy elected to the speakership position, saying live on air in an interview “we cannot let the terrorists win.”

Although Crenshaw ultimately got what he wanted with McCarthy leading the House, he’s paying the price for his disparaging remarks with Congress back in session this week.

Crenshaw found himself fighting for the coveted position of House Committee on Homeland Security chairman, which he lost to Republican Mike Green of Tennessee by twenty votes. This position was previously held by former Rep. John Katko (N.Y.) which was recently vacated after Katko retired from Congress.

According to Washington Examiner, Green is a combat veteran described by his colleagues as a rising star in the party, said that strengthening the border would be a top priority as he gears up to helm the panel.

Green told reporters that he plans to have two full-time committee staffers working from the U.S.-Mexico border, The Hill reported. The Homeland Security panel will have a major role in oversight and policy relating to the migration surge at the border, and plans to bring Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in to testify.

Green said that his focus will be not only on the physical border, but on cybersecurity and inter-agency responsibilities in the cyber space.

The staffers will ”be sitting there with [Customs and Border Protection],” Green said, “sending us real time updates on what CBP needs and the issues – whether it’s a big drug bust at the border, we’ll send a bunch of members down for, you know, for that and those kinds of things.”

However, Crenshaw may not be the only McCarthy supporter to lose leadership positions on key panels.

The Hill reports:

The House GOP Steering Committee, a panel of around 30 lawmakers consisting of leadership and elected regional representatives that makes selections for most chairmanships and committee assignments, made its choices for chairs of panels that were uncontested in December.

But it put its selections for four key contested chairmanships — for the Homeland Security, Ways and Means, Budget, and Education and Workforce committees — on hold as a group of hard-line conservatives expressed opposition to McCarthy that threatened to tank his Speaker bid.

House Republicans typically choose their ranking members or committee chairs weeks before the new Congress to allow time for the incoming leaders to hire staff and get organized.

McCarthy gets outsize influence over the Steering panel with four votes, while Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) gets two and all other members get one.

Over the weekend, McCarthy also selected Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), who voted against McCarthy on most of the 15 Speaker ballots last week, to fill the “Speaker Designee” slot on the Steering Committee.

Among the other contested chairmanships the Steering Committee is deciding on is the powerful tax-writing committee after longtime former Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) retired. There is a three-way race for this seat between Jason Smith, Reps. Vern Buchanan (Fla.), and Adrian Smith (Neb.).

Adrian Smith was the lowest vote-getter on the first ballot, and the panel went to a second round of voting to decide between Buchanan and Jason Smith, Rep. Tom Cole (R-Olka.) confirmed. The Hill reported. Jason Smith is a close McCarthy ally, and had been in negotiations last week to strike a deal with the hardline conservatives for Speaker. He opted against a potential run for Senate in the 2022 cycle as he announced a bid for the powerful chairmanship.

In a statement, Smith said the panel will “build on the success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and examine how our policies can reward working families with a tax code that delivers better jobs, higher wages, and more investment in America,” as well as examine tax benefits for “corporations that have shed their American identity in favor of a relationship with China.”

“We will examine using both trade policy and our tax code to re-shore and strengthen our supply chains, where products and services vital to our national security are made here at home using American labor, as well as craft policies that help America achieve food and medical security rather than dependence on nations like China,” Smith continued. “We must also look at ways to encourage domestic energy production and achieve energy independence through the tax code instead of using it as a tool to punish energy producers as President Biden has suggested.”


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