Republican Congressman Joins Democratic Party after after working for the J6 committee

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The Democrat-run January 6 committee is expected to hold public hearings on June 9. They will then present their findings and evidence.

Seven Democrats and two RINO Republicans will attempt to prove last year’s Capitol riot was one phase in a ‘multi-tentacled plot’ by Trump to seize control of the American political system, according to the Washington Post.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland on the committee, promised the hearings would ‘blow the roof off of the House.’

The hearing is expected to analyze the riot within the backdrop of Trump’s alleged efforts to manipulate the election.

We do not yet know who the witnesses are.

In a later session, it is expected to delve into a legal theory proposed by former President Trump’s allies, which would give elected officials the power to disregard the Electoral College results and select a new one.

While Trump told rally-goers on January 6th to march to the Capitol Building and protest “patriotically and peacefully,” Democrats are attempting to show that he organized the violence. There were no firearms used except by Capitol Police. One would think those would be important if a president were going to organize what Democrats call an “insurrection.”

Also, the vast majority of protesters were peaceful. Hardly an attempt to overthrow the government.

Back in January, the Supreme Court allowed congressional investigators access to Trump’s presidential documents relating to the events of January 6.

Following the decision, the select committee reported having already begun receiving records Trump had previously ‘hidden’ from them.

‘The Supreme Court’s action tonight is a victory for the rule of law & American democracy,’ the socialist committee posted to Twitter.

In the days leading up to and after the riot, Trump offered theories about election fraud and said that the ‘real insurrection’ occurred when he lost to Biden on Election Day.

Around the same time, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia excoriated RINO Republicans for turning on the former president.

She made the declaration in light of GOP Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger being censured by the Republican National Committee for serving on the Democrat-run January 6 select committee.

Now another RINO has revealed himself.

After working for the congressional committee investigating the January 6 attacks on the US Capitol, a former Republican Congressman says, ‘what I’ve seen behind the scenes has pushed me further away.’

Denver Riggleman, 52, talked to CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ Sunday about how he was influenced by the evidence that he saw while consulting with the committee.

During the investigation of the violence at the Capitol, Riggleman served as a technical adviser.

‘What I’ve seen behind the scenes has pushed me further away. That the party has moved away from conservative principles to this cult of personality that Liz Cheney is talking about. She’s absolutely correct,’ Riggleman said Sunday to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The lawmaker was referring to Wyoming’s Republican congresswoman, who is also the committee’s vice chair and has been vocal about her views on former President Donald Trump’s involvement in the violence (which hasn’t been proven).

In the interview with Tapper, he said he no longer considered himself a Republican and said: ‘I think the party left me some time ago.’

Later, Riggleman told CNN he had left the GOP and no longer wanted to run as a Republican. Riggleman identifies as an independent now.

According to CNN, Riggleman ‘made the decision privately a month or two ago’ but the decision was formally announced on Sunday.

According to Riggleman, who has long criticized former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party has ‘moved away from conservative principles,’ turning instead to a ‘cult of personality’ encircling Trump.

His comments came during a discussion about Cheney’s remarks in which she said that there is ‘absolutely a cult of personality around Donald Trump’ within the Republican Party.

‘When you see it behind the door, when you see the data, when you see the investigation, when you see those smart people and what they come up with, Jake, it’s absolutely stunning that cult of personality and also the belief systems. I don’t think any real conservative could follow at any point,’ Riggleman added.

‘It’s absolutely insane what people have sort of put their arms around. If you look at ‘Stop the Steal,’ if you look at, you know, some of the Covid issues with the vaccination conspiracy theories, when you look at all the things in total, the fact is that a lot of that has been pushed by people around the President.’

The House select committee chose Riggleman as an adviser last year, but he announced last month that he was leaving the committee in order to work for a nonprofit group in Ukraine.

According to CNN, the separation was ‘amicable’.

When the midterms roll around in November and Republicans retake the House, the January 6th committee will most assuredly be dissolved. And prominent GOP lawmakers have promised to investigate the investigators.

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