Report on Dem Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Running for President in 2024

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Democrats are so disgusted with Democrat President Joe Biden that they are already promoting another candidate to run for POTUS, who they believe can beat Republican President Donald J. Trump.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) of New York is an activist politician, which means she knows how to demand and not back down, and AOC understands the Marxist street fighting tactics of the left that have been highly successful against the American people.

Because of the ‘Community Organizer Spirit’ AOC has, she is likely to have the same success against Americans as other Community Organizers have had ever since Republican Ronald Regan was in office. Reagan is one of few Conservatives to have been brave and savvy enough to fight back against the Marxist usurpation of our Republic.

AOC beat 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in 2018 to win her seat, which is part of the reason why she has been suggested as someone who has the “best shot” against Trump amid what many political observers see as an incredibly weak Democratic bench heading into the next presidential cycle.

The next Presidential cycle begins in less than one year.

Michael Starr Hopkins, a comms expert who served on the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, laid out the case for ‘AOC’ to run for president.  Hopkins reported for The Hill on Tuesday and said:

“When Barack Obama came out of nowhere to win his Senate seat in 2004, it almost felt preordained. As if he was the person we had been waiting for to breathe fresh air into the Democratic Party.”

“He then likened AOC’s rise to that of Obama: “Flash forward to 2018, and the meteoric rise of a 29-year-old bartender from Queens feels eerily similar. She has been unafraid, unapologetic and unwilling to bend to the will of Washington. She is a force to be reckoned with, and in 2024 Democrats are going to need her force to reckon with Republicans,” The Conservative Brief reported. 

Hopkins noted further:

[She] is less of a personality and more of a movement. Yes, the smart, photogenic congresswoman is the face of the rising progressive movement, but she is also the future of the Democratic Party. AOC has cultivated a following beyond politics. She’s an influencer in its purest form. Her ability to relate to her supporters and allow them a glimpse into her private life is a blueprint for Democrats trying to act less like mannequins and more like humans.

She’s the voice of a movement that began after the banks were bailed out by the government while homeowners were left to default. The simplicity with which she talks about everyday struggles hints that she’s not just a persona for consumption. She isn’t beholden to corporations, is a prodigious small-dollar fundraiser, and could out-Trump Trump like no other politician has been able to.

Hopkins then noted that a lot of the most progressive ideas of today were first pushed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont “independent” who caucuses with Democrats and sometimes has issues with its progressives. But he went on to suggest that Sanders’ time is done and that he should ‘pass the torch’ to the Bronx Democrat.

“Ocasio-Cortez represents the possibilities and opportunities that make our country great. Where else could a 29-year-old bartender upset a political heavyweight and become a symbol for her generation? AOC was never supposed to win her race. Few gave her a chance, but a funny thing happened: Voters loved her honesty, youth and humble beginnings. Voters were sick of career politicians who rarely came back to their districts. So they voted Joe Crowley out and AOC in. That wasn’t luck, that was fate,” Hopkins wrote.

Continuing, Hopkins wrote, “There is no denying that AOC would boost GOP turnout as a result of coverage on right wing networks built to scare elderly white voters. But she would electrify the party’s base, turn out the youth at record levels and bring the party together by acknowledging the threat posed by electing Trump Republicans.”

He concludes:

“There will never be another Barack Obama, but I have a feeling we’ll be saying the same about AOC. When opportunity meets preparation and history creates the moment, the cream of the crop always rises, leaving everyone else behind.”

Democrats are accustomed to seeing a Community Organizer in the White House, one who is not a politician. They are comfortable with the left’s Maoist tactics and want someone who completely ignores the rules of the Republica and smashes Conservatives. Unfortunately, AOC is definitely one of those people.

Just recently, AOC participated in some political theater that the Democrats are motivated by.

Slate reported on the scene that was meant to inspire that old hope and change feeling to the left:

“Seventeen Democratic members of Congress were arrested for protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Police officers warned them over a loudspeaker to “cease and desist.” In a crowd of demonstrators, Rep. Ayanna Pressley yelled, “If we don’t get it, shut it down!”

But the reality of Tuesday’s demonstration outside of the Supreme Court was a bit more subdued. According to Capitol Police tweets, the whole thing lasted less than half an hour.

A little after 1 p.m., a bunch of members of Congress showed up and blocked a street. Around 1:20 p.m., they were corralled into a shady area, where they were ticketed and issued $50 fines. Videos of the event showed several members—including Reps. Ilhan Omar, Carolyn Maloney, and Jackie Speier—simply walking away from the protest; they didn’t force officers to escort them from their site of civil disobedience.”

AOC definitely has plans for America.

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