Repairman who revealed Hunter Biden’s laptop sues Adam Schiff, CNN, Politico and The Daily Beast

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The laptop is full of disgusting porn and child abuse- and many legal documents that look criminal, let’s be honest. The stories coming out of the laptop that once belonged to disgraced crack-addicted Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat President of the United States, Joe Biden, make Hillary Clinton look like a sweet flower girl.

And the US Intel Community, the lapdog media, and the US Federal Government used all of their resources and authority to cover it all up. So now the laptop media is being scrutinized for its role in hiding the truth from the American people.

Numerous actors mentioned in the laptop’s contents are being investigated, and a few have been arrested- however, there have -so far- not been any consequences for the Bidens.

But there were consequences for the lone, average American man, a small business owner who blew the whistle on the corrupt contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The laptop, which has been confirmed and validated by newsagencies as once belonging to Hunter Biden, has so much evidence of illegal substance abuse, criminal activity, and pornography- including sexual abuse of minors- that it is almost untouchable- because broadcasting the contents of the laptop could lead to implicating oneself with crimes- so it is an absolutely frightening thing to behold for even the bravest of people.

The man responsible for the public knowing about the laptop, 45-year-old John Paul Mac Isaac, a repairman, has said in interviews that he had contacted the FBI to inform them of the disturbing contents on the device after restoring the contents of Hunter’s laptop – which Hunter gave to him, and then abandoned in his shop.

Isaac reports that no one cared. No one responded, and no one investigated his claims that there were disturbing images and content that law enforcement needed to see.

Then Isaac contacted the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, for assistance- because he was concerned.

When the contents of the laptop were leaked to the public in the fall of 2020 from other sources, some members of the US Intelligence Community (to cover up the powerful information ahead of the 2020 Presidential election) said that it was all a Russian Hoax and disinformation.

Isaac then suffered severe blowback from the public and started to fear for his livelihood- as he was branded a “Russian Spy.”

The leftist media- doing what they do- pushed the ‘anti-Isaac’ propaganda to help keep the Biden’s shielded from the consequences of the contents of the laptop, and in the process of doing that- harassed and defamed Isaac.

Now Issac is pushing back by suing House Intelligence Committee head Adam Schiff, CNN, Politico, and The Daily Beast in a defamation case worth ‘at least $1 million’.

According to the New York Post, the lawsuit was filed in Montgomery County, Maryland, claiming that the outlets falsely said he was spreading Russian disinformation – which he says cost him his store.

He claims in the suit that Rep. Schiff defamed him in an interview two days after the Post – and later – began publishing revelations from the laptop.

“Isaac is suing House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff, CNN, Politico, and The Daily Beast.

He claims in the lawsuit that the outlets falsely accused him of spreading Russian disinformation – which he says cost him his Delaware repair shop,” The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

“The suit claims that Schiff knowingly lied when he said on CNN that ‘the Kremlin’ was behind a ‘smear campaign’ following Hunter Biden’s laptop news.”

Politico also reported at the time that dozens of former intelligence officials believed the laptop was ‘Russian disinfo.’

Twitter labeled the information as coming from potentially ‘hacked materials.’

According to court documents, the Daily Beast also accused him of stealing the laptop.

Isaac previously lost his lawsuit against Twitter for hiding a story from the New York Post about revelations found on the laptop. Still, this lawsuit takes on the media for their role in a disinformation campaign.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Schiff said – without giving any proof at all – that he believed ‘the Kremlin’ was behind ‘a smear campaign’ of both then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

‘Well we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin,’ Shiff said in the interview.

‘That’s been clear for well over a year now that they’ve been pushing this false narrative about the Vice President and his son.’

Mac Isaac now claims in his lawsuit that CNN knowingly broadcast the ‘false and defamatory story,’ which caused him significant damage.

He is also going after the Daily Beast, which claimed the laptop was ‘purloined’ in an article, and Politico, which reported that dozens of former intelligence officials believe the laptop was ‘Russian disinfo.’

According to the lawsuit, the Post reports, Mac Isaac was forced to close down his computer repair shop near the Biden family homes in Greenville, Delaware following the CNN report – when people started throwing eggs, vegetables, and even dog feces at his door.

He then reportedly went into exile in Colorado for a year.

‘CNN’s broadcast of the false statement accuses the Plaintiff of committing an infamous crime, i.e., treason by working with the Russians to commit a crime against the United States of America by attempting to undermine American democracy an the 2020 Presidential election,’ the lawsuit states.

As a result, Della Rocca told the Post: ‘He has lost his business, friendships and his honorable standing in his community.

‘This lawsuit is to attempt to repair a small portion of that damage caused by the defendants in the suit,’ he continued. ‘We intend to show that their actions were intentionally malicious.’

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