Popular Fox News Host Drops Gigantic Announcement On Fans

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The American people have been brainwashed and gaslighted over the idea that the Marxist left and their demands for public policy reforms of our Republic are wildly popular with the voting citizens and that their Marxist’s utopian dreams are the dreams of a majority of citizens- which is what gives the left their moral and ethical superiority to talk about how they are only defending “Democracy” with their usurpations.

Except everything the left says about Democracy is utter madness.  Even though American society has many indicators that Marxist-leftism does not represent a majority, the American public can become paralyzed with fear if they don’t correctly virtue signal the fantasy that the Marxists ARE the majority.

Remember the line from that movie: ” Go sell crazy someplace else; we are all stocked up here”? That is being said through the living spaces of Americans about CNN and MSNBC.

And it comes in time for leftist TV to have some more political rallies in our Halls of Congress- called ‘public hearings’ or Soviet-style show trials:

Let’s take a deep dive into this fantasy idea of what Americans want, and look at how popular CNN and MSNBC Marxism really is…and how necessary virtue signaling to the left- to maintain our popularity- really is:

What is a Democracy? According to the dictionary, it is: “control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.”

Get it? The majority means over 50%. They don’t have a majority; we have been ruled by a mob of inferiors who are nowhere near a majority and here is proof, look at who is watching TV.

Why do we care about TV ratings?

According to how stuff works “TV ratings provide valuable insights into how many people are consuming content, as well as how and when they do so.

That information is useful for advertisers, networks, and other entities in the media industry that make content or market products and services.”

Oh- it’s about economics- or money. Got it.

CNN Digital media supports socialist concepts and writes pro-socialist propaganda- like this article about Biden’s ‘Green New Deal’, promoting it as an ‘investment in children’.

How much does the public want more of talk like that? Not even Marxists want to hear about Marxism- I guess.

Here is an economic indicator, also known as ‘a statistic used to gauge future trends in a nation’s economy’, that leftism is not popular- because the American people are not buying the talk shows about how great socialism-Communism- and Marxism will be for them.

Because that is what MSNBC and CNN do- they push pro-swamp-government, pro-left propaganda, and no one is buying it anymore.

Americans are no longer comforted by the attacks on Conservatives, populists and proponents of free-market capitalism- and we can see that from the patterns of the media content they are consuming and are no longer consuming.

Americans are tuning out of Leftist TV. Check it out:

“Fox News dominated CNN and MSNBC in the month of May, beating their combined viewers in both the key 25-54 age demographic and in terms of total viewers –for the 10th straight month,” Mediaite reported on Monday.

MSNBC came in second place among the three networks in terms of total viewers, while CNN landed in second in the demo. MSNBC has seen its demo viewership drop sharply in recent weeks and ended May with its lowest daytime demo average since November 1999 and its lowest prime-time average since May 2004.

Fox News scored the top 7 programs in the month of May, with the Monday-only Rachel Maddow Show landing in 8th place for the month.

Fox scored the rest of the top twenty shows, with the exception of Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, Nicolle Wallace, and MSNBC Prime scoring the 16th through 19th slots –respectively.

The Five remained the most-watched show on all of cable in May, bringing in 3.279 million total viewers, followed closely behind by Tucker Carlson Tonight’s 3.23 million total viewers.

Sean Hannity landed in third place with 2.72 million total viewers, despite some stiff competition from Jesse Watters who came in fourth with 2.64 million total viewers.

Bret Baier, Laura Ingraham, and Greg Gutfeld rounded out the top 7 places in the ratings – respectively. Maddow landed in 8th place with 1.95 million total viewers.

Gutfeld’s late-night panel show continues to surge past its competition, landing in second place behind Stephen Colbert for the month of May. While beating Colbert multiple times in May, Gutfeld’s 2 million viewer average wasn’t quite enough to surpass the CBS mainstay, but did surge Fox past ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in total viewers. Gutfeld also beat Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and TBS’ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee in both total viewers and in the key younger age demographic.

CNN’s top-rated show in May was Anderson Cooper 360, which hauled in an average of 759,000 total average viewers and landed in 25th place overall. CNN fared much better in the demo, however, landing four shows in the top twenty – including Anderson Cooper 360 which ranked 17th in the demo.

CNN’s top-rated show, which is by far the most radical far-left reached .210833333% of the American public. Let’s be generous and say .3% of the American people are watching the most popular cable show for the left.

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