Plane Pulling Perfect 3-Word Message Encircles Biden’s $4.8M Beach House

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On Friday, a super PAC supporting Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s presidential campaign made a critical remark on Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, in relation to his father’s Delaware beach house.

The red, white, and blue banner with the message, “Prosecute Hunter Biden,” was being towed by a jet that made numerous passes over the seashore between North Shores and Dewey Beach.

Rehoboth Beach’s $2.7 million “Summer White House” of Vice President Biden is practically smack dab in the middle of the plane’s path.

The president, who is 80 years old, wasn’t home at the time.

SOS America PAC, which promised to fly the banner if 1,000 individuals gave to Suarez’s 2024 Republican presidential campaign, planned the publicity hoax.

“Hunter Biden should be behind bars. Joe Biden has abused the power of the President to protect Hunter, and the world needs to know,” the group claimed on a page asking for donations for the 45-year-old contender that Joe Biden had abused his position as president to shield Hunter.

“So give $1 today and watch us fly this banner over Joe Biden’s beach house in Delaware to tell the world: LOCK HIM UP!”

The contender, who is considered to have a low probability of success, declared on Friday that he had fulfilled all the necessary requirements set by the Republican National Committee in order to be eligible for participation in the initial GOP primary debate scheduled for August 23rd.

“While our campaign only began a few weeks ago, I am humbled knowing that Republicans from all fifty states have donated to our campaign — nearly 50,000 thus far,” he tweeted.

Suarez had already indicated his intention to withdraw from the 2024 contest in the event that he could not secure a place on the stage for the inaugural debate in Milwaukee.

The plea arrangement involving Hunter Biden, which was anticipated to result in leniency and potentially exempt him from imprisonment, unraveled within a Delaware courtroom in the previous month.

The July 26 hearing concluded with the president’s 53-year-old son submitting a plea of not guilty in response to the charges. It is probable that he will now be subjected to a trial and potentially face further accusations.

Attorney General Merrick Garland promoted David Weiss, the US Attorney for Delaware, to the position of special counsel earlier this month. Weiss is in charge of the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden.

Friday, when asked about the Justice Department investigation, President Biden shrugged it off.

When questioned about how he felt about Weiss being given special counsel authority, the president responded, “I have no comment on any investigation that is going on.”

“That’s up to the Justice Department. And that’s all I have to say,” he added.

Congressional Republicans are currently investigating allegations of potential misuse of office by Joe Biden during his tenure as vice president, with a focus on potential enrichment of himself or his family. Additionally, they are examining the involvement of Weiss in relation to claims made by whistleblowers, suggesting a cover-up by the Justice Department during the extensive five-year federal investigation into Hunter Biden.


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