Pelosi Suffers Another Massive Defeat as 32 Dems to Retire

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Imagine if you will a House of Representatives which isn’t run by insane socialists. We don’t have to wait too long for that as Republicans will most likely sweep the midterms in a handy fashion.

The shoe will be on the other foot for the socialist Democrats. They will be the ones being investigated not the other way around.

Nancy Pelosi, the current House speaker, had her sham January 6 committee subpoena Rep. Jim Jordan because he talked to Trump during the 2020 election. Pelosi and her comrades are trying to nail some of the best in the GOP with the taint of being “insurrectionists” so they can’t run for office in the future.

Prior to that, Pelosi rejected Jordan’s nomination to the committee investigating the riot, citing his support for Trump’s claims of election fraud.

Jordan, like a boss, declined to participate in Pelosi’s bs subpoena game.

Jordan not only refused to cooperate with the committee, but he has also called for an investigation into the role House Speaker Nancy Pelosi played last January.

In a previous statement, Jordan called the probe a “political operation” meant to prevent Donald Trump from being a candidate for president in 2024.

“There’s been subpoenas issued to 11 individuals, 11 American citizens who asked the government permission on an application to hold the Trump rally,” Jordan stated.

“The government granted it and now the committee petitions them to ask them questions about exercising their First Amendment right to assemble,” he continued.

“And why would they subpoena me? I didn’t do anything wrong — I talked to the president. I talk to the president all the time. I just think that’s — you know where I’m at on this commission — this is all about going after President Trump. That seems obvious.”

Further rebuking, Jordan stated, “everyone in the country sees this as a political operation. This is designed to get after President Trump. Because they don’t want him to run again.”

Now Pelosi has more bad news. A lot of her socialist foot soldiers are abandoning her.

In total, 55 members of Congress will not seek re-election, including 6 senators and 49 representatives.

Among the 49 members of the House not running for re-election, 32 are Democrats.

According to Ballotpedia:

The 55 retiring members include 32 Democrats and 23 Republicans, accounting for 11.9% of the Democratic caucus and 8.8% of the Republican caucus. The 11.9% retirement rate among Democrats is the largest since 2014 when 8.5% of Democrats did not run for re-election.

The 8.8% retirement rate among Republicans is the second-lowest since 2014. The only year with a lower retirement rate was 2016 when 8.6% of Republicans retired. Democrats had their lowest retirement rates out of the past five cycles in 2018 and 2020, when 7.4% and 3.4%, respectively, of the caucus did not seek re-election.

Republicans had their highest retirement rates out of the past five cycles in those years, with 12.6% of the caucus retiring in 2018 and 11.5% in 2020.

Some in the Democratic Party were sounding alarm bells as early as last year about the possibility of losing the House.

Politico reported in August:

During a closed-door lunch last week with some of his most vulnerable incumbents, House Democrats’ campaign chief delivered a blunt warning: If the midterms were held now, they would lose the majority.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) followed that bleak forecast, which was confirmed by multiple people familiar with the conversation, with new polling that showed Democrats falling behind Republicans by a half-dozen points on a generic ballot in battleground districts.

Maloney advised the party to course-correct ahead of 2022 by doing more to promote President Joe Biden’s agenda, which remains popular with swing voters.

Of course, we’re seeing how well Biden’s agenda is doing. It’s driven America into the ground. This is precisely why Democrats are going to lose the House.

According to Fox Business, the GOP is setting records in fundraising for the midterms.

Back in April, the outlet reported:

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) reports hauling in $40.9 million the past three months, which it says is its best January-March first quarter of fundraising ever.

The House GOP’s re-election arm reported on Friday that its first-quarter figures were fueled by a $19.4 million haul last month, which it noted is its best March ever.

As it builds resources to win back a majority in the House of Representatives in November’s midterm elections, the NRCC highlighted that it has brought in $180.9 million so far in the 2022 election cycle, a 45% increase compared to $124.5 million it raised at the same point in the 2020 cycle.

And Republicans are spending big in the runup to the elections.

Last week, Politico reported on Republican TV ad buys vs Democrats:

House Republicans’ campaign arm is laying down its first round of fall TV ad reservations, a $52.3 million investment that sketches out a path back to the majority in 2023.

The bulk of the buy, which is spread across more than two dozen media markets, is targeting Democratic-held seats — a signal that a favorable political environment has created a plethora of pickup opportunities for the GOP. This is the first of several TV ad bookings to come for the National Republican Congressional Committee, but it is more than twice as much as the group’s initial reservation in the 2020 cycle, according to plans shared first with POLITICO.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee placed its initial TV ad buys last week, reserving $21.4 million of airtime in markets that are expected to be among the most crowded and expensive in the fall.

Democrats smell their defeat coming. Surely Pelosi does too.

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