Pelosi Says She Has NO PLANS To Retire Then Makes New Statement On Biden ’24

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Democrats’ midterm election performance defied expectations, with President Joe Biden’s party winning the Senate while the House of Representatives – which had long been projected to gain at least 30 GOP seats – is still in play but leaning Republican.

As of Sunday afternoon, Democrats hold 204 seats in the new Congress and Republicans have 211. A party needs 218 members for a governing majority, but democrats, who had a dismal outlook on the midterm election due to the sad shape of the country, are getting more votes than anyone thought.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had been fading away with the Democrats chances in the election, seems to have renewed vigor in regard to her position and the position of other Democrats.

In a pair of Sunday news talk show interviews, Pelosi partially credited Biden for Democrats’ strong performance and gave a full-throated endorsement for the president to run a second term.

Pelosi would not tell either network where she leans on whether she’ll make a bid for the House Speakership again if Democrats beat the odds to keep her chamber.

‘My decision will then be rooted in what- the wishes of my family and the wishes of my caucus. But none of it will be very much considered until we see what the outcome of all of this is,’ the California Democrat said.

The House Speaker was cagey on whether she’d once again run for a leadership role, however, explaining that the decision would depend largely on her family in the wake of a recent break-in of her San Francisco home that left her 82-year-old husband Paul with a skull fracture and other injuries requiring hospitalization. Pelosi made it clear in the interview that she thought Republicans had not given the proper response to her husband’s attack.

On the GOP side, she suggested to CNN’s State of the Union that Republicans’ “horrible response” to her husband Paul’s assault could be partially to blame for turning voters off from their candidates. The vast majority of people on both sides of the aisle condemned the attack and wished the Pelosi family well on the incident, but there are still massive questions about Paul Pelosi’s supposed relationship with the intruder, as he referred to the man as a “friend.” Many questions about the attack just before midterms still go unanswered.

Pelosi told the network that Paul was ‘closer to recovery’ each day but that it would be ‘a long haul’ after an intruder broke into their home.

Asked if it had an effect on voters just days before the November 8 Election Day, Pelosi responded: “It is a trend in what I’m hearing. But it wasn’t just the attack. It was the Republican reaction to it, which was disgraceful,’ the Speaker said. “The attack is horrible. I mean, imagine what – how I feel, as was the one who was the target, and my husband paying the price, and the traumatic effect on our family.”

Suggesting she’d given relinquishing the gavel at least some thought, Pelosi added, ‘But there are all kinds of ways to exert influence…speaker has awesome power, but I will always have influence.’

She told ABC News, “I’m not making any comments until this election is finished.” But the speaker clarified later that she intends to remain on Capitol Hill for the foreseeable future.

“Finally, Madam Speaker, if you do decide to step away from Congress, how do you want your speakerships to be remember?” host Georgie Stephanopoulos asked.

“Well, I don’t have any plans to step away from Congress. I don’t– you asked me about running for leadership,” Pelosi said. “My flagship issue has, from the start of my being in Congress, has been the climate issue. But in the course of thing, when we had the opportunity to expand health care for all Americans, that has to be my major accomplishment.”

Although she had not commented on Biden’s chance for another term before, asked by ABC whether she thinks Biden should run again in 2024 Pelosi answered point-blank: ‘Yes, I do.’

‘He has been a great president and he has a great record to run on,’ Pelosi said. “President Biden has been a great President for our country. He has accomplished so much,” Pelosi told ABC News’ This Week despite other Democrats having seen the commander-in-chief and his low job approval numbers as an albatross hung around their necks.

On CNN, she credited him with helping turn out the votes necessary for narrow victories in key battleground states – while Biden also stayed far clear of others, such as Arizona and Ohio, Daily Mail noted.

“I do want to salute President Biden for his campaigning, President Obama, all of it raising the urgency of the election and the awareness that people must vote,” Pelosi said. “And that they shouldn’t listen to those who say this is a foregone conclusion because of history, but it’s about the future, and get out there and vote.”


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