Obama’s White House Now At Center Of Hunter Biden Scandal: Violations And Crimes

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Marxist Barack Obama’s administration left office six years ago, however, some of his former staffers are called out by name in a new congressional probe into Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Biden family crime family.

House Republicans on the Oversight and Reform Committee are planning widespread investigations into the Bidens over allegations of influence peddling. The probe will cover not only the Justice Department’s current handling of its investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and business dealings but also his ties to the Obama administration, according to media reports.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the top Republican on the oversight panel, told Fox News in October that Republicans on the committee are focusing on Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China during the Obama years.

“This investigation isn’t just about Hunter Biden,” said Comer. “And it’s not going to end if he gets indicted on an application to purchase a gun or for tax evasion. We’re looking at serious influence peddling accusations.”

House Oversight Republicans are narrowing in on Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China throughout the administration of President Barack Obama.

To that end, House Republicans will look to depose Obama administration personnel and records relating to Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Lawmakers also plan to subpoena documents relating to the president’s brother, James Biden, who often partnered with Hunter on ventures, Fox News reported.

Comer and his investigators are using information from Hunter Biden’s laptop and government whistle-blowers to serve as the basis for depositions and public hearings.

“One of the things in the emails and texts that keeps popping up is how [Hunter Biden and others] make a sales pitch to one of our adversaries in the Middle East, or in China and Russia, and they say essentially we’ll help you navigate the Obama-era bureaucracy,” said Comer.

“So we want to hear from people working in the government, in the Obama-Biden administration, and ask whether they were doing things to help this country or that country at the request of the Bidens.”

House Republicans say Hunter Biden had significant access to the Obama administration during his father’s eight-year tenure as vice president. They also note that several former Obama-administration aides linked to Hunter Biden now hold high-ranking positions within the current White House.

Comer pointed to Hunter Biden’s work for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings as something that will require further investigation.

“He joined the company when Joe Biden was kind of the Ukraine-czar and there are a lot of questions about Hunter’s shady business dealings that need to be answered,” said Comer.

Martin Walsh reported for Conservative Brief with more details:

Two GOP senators who have been investigating alleged Biden family corruption for years have stepped up their efforts. After Facebook and Twitter suppressed, to an extent, explosive revelations about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020, Republican Sens. Charles Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin want more answers.

Grassley and Johnson have sent a letter to Zuckerberg noting that in October 2020, “when the New York Post published articles based on evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, many news and social media organizations inappropriately rushed to censor and discredit the initial reporting and falsely labeled it as ‘disinformation.’”

Mainstream media outlets have finally admitted that the information gleaned from the laptop was not Russian disinformation but was in fact real.

“You recently appeared to indicate that the reason why Facebook made the unwise decision to censor articles about Hunter Biden’s laptop was based on an alert from the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the senators wrote. Whistleblowers have also alleged to Senator Johnson that local FBI leadership instructed its employees not to look at the Hunter Biden laptop immediately after the FBI had obtained it,” the senators noted further, going on to say that Americans “deserve to know whether the FBI used Facebook as part of their alleged plan to discredit information about Hunter Biden.”

“Congress and the American people require clarity with respect to the extent the FBI communicated with Facebook during the 2020 election about Hunter Biden-related information,” they added.

Expected incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan believes there’s been a seismic shift regarding the ongoing federal investigation of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

The Ohio Republican suggested “something is up” with the probe because of a new interest in the story by many of the same media outlets that initially dismissed reports of corruption evidence stemming from materials and emails obtained from a laptop he reportedly abandoned at a computer repair store in Delaware in 2019.

“It sure looks like Joe Biden was involved,” Jordan added. “So, my, how this story has changed. And now, we find out these text messages and emails that link the entire family, not just Hunter and Joe and — but also uncle, the — Joe’s brother, James Biden, is involved in this as well.”

It’s not just Jordan, either.

Kentucky GOP Rep. James Comer, who will become the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee in January, told the Washington Post that Republicans plan to launch investigations very soon.

“We need to have very thorough disclosure laws so we know, if [a president’s] immediate family members are doing business with [a foreign] country, this is exactly what they’re doing. These are the terms of the agreement. This is what they’re selling over there. This was what their sales were before their relative became president. This is what their sales were once he became president,” Comer said.

Comer added: “I’m hopeful that when I have the gavel, they’ll change their opinion. I don’t think I’m going to ask for anything that’s unrealistic. This is a substantive investigation. I think we’ve outlined exactly why we’re doing this and exactly what we want to know. At the end of the day, if the White House works with us, this shouldn’t be a very lengthy investigation and we can move on.”


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