Obama’s Strange Homosexual Secret Comes Out…

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According to author David Garrow, former President Barack Obama discussed having sex with other men and cheated on his wife Michelle Obama.

In a letter to his then-girlfriend Alex McNear, Obama wrote about his dreams, according to Garrow, who spoke to Tablet Magazine.

One part of the letter was censored when McNear gave it to Garrow, and he merely stated, “It’s about homosexuality.”

“And then sometime, right about when Rising Star came out, Alex indirectly sold the original, sold those letters, and they ended up at Emory [University],” Garrow told Tablet Magazine, referring to his biography of Obama, “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.”

“So Emory put out a press release saying, ‘We’ve gotten these rare letters by Barack Obama.’” Garrow added. “And no mention of this paragraph that was too sensitive. None of the papers mentioned it. Emory didn’t mention it.”

“So I emailed Harvey [Klehr, a longtime associate, and], said, ‘Go to the Emory archives.’ He’s spent his whole life at Emory, but they won’t let him take pictures,” he continued.

“So Harvey has to sit there with a pencil and copy out the graph where Barack writes to Alex about how he repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men,” Garrow said.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, which covered the former president’s prior relationships, Obama’s love life has been a hot issue for a while.

According to the Daily Mail, Obama allegedly had sexual intercourse with Genevieve Cook on their first date, including sleeping with her.

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Cook and Obama apparently shared a cocaine habit. Cook allegedly started sleeping with Obama’s best friend after their relationship ended.

Later, the former president began a relationship with Sheila Miyoshi Jager, a white woman.

According to Garrow’s “Rising Star” book, Obama twice made romantic proposals to Jager but both were finally declined.

In actuality, the former president’s fixation with Jager began even after he met Michelle, his future wife. But after losing 0-2 with Jager, Obama decided to call it quits.

According to The Daily Mail, Obama continued to see Jager even while dating Michelle. According to Jager, who is quoted in Garrow’s book, Obama had his sights set on the presidency since 1987 but decided to marry Michelle in order to “fully identify as African American.”

“I remember very clearly when this transformation happened, and I remember very specifically that by 1987, about a year into our relationship, he already had his sights on becoming president,” Jager said.

Obama pondered having a gay connection with Lawrence Goldyn, an assistant professor at Occidental College, according to The Daily Mail.

“Goldyn made a huge impact on Barry Obama,” Garrow wrote in his book. “Almost a quarter century later, asked about his understanding of gay issues, Obama enthusiastically said, ‘my favorite professor my first year in college was one of the first openly gay people that I knew…He was a terrific guy.’ with whom Obama developed a ‘friendship beyond the classroom.’”

Three years after first meeting Goldyn, according to Garrow, “Obama wrote somewhat elusively to his first intimate girlfriend that he had thought about and considered gayness but ultimately decided that a same-sex relationship would be less challenging and demanding than developing one with the opposite sex.”

“The Advocate,” an LGBT publication that interviewed Obama in 2009, asked the former president who had affected his views on LGBT issues. Obama was given the name Goldyn by his mother.

“He was a wonderful guy,” Obama said. “He was the first openly gay professor that I had ever come in contact with, or openly gay person of authority that I had come in contact with.

“And he was just a terrific guy. He wasn’t proselytizing all the time, but just his comfort in his own skin and the friendship we developed helped to educate me on a number of these issues.”


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