Obama Scolds His Former Doctor For Questioning Biden’s Cognitive Ability

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US House Rep Ronny Jackson (R-TX) served three sitting Presidents as a former White House physician, and he had a lot to say as the guest of Sean Hannity on Wednesday about his experience in determining the mental health of Democrat Joe Biden.

Jackson has been outspoken about Biden’s mental decline for more than a year.

During Jackson’s appearance, he relayed a story involving Barack Obama, as one of Jackson’s former associates, who scolded and rebuked the doctor for daring to call into question Biden’s cognitive ability.

Jackson described the tweet that Obama responded to that he sent, which was in response to an RNC tweet about the failing mental abilities of Biden, and said that within 20 mins of his response, Obama sent a scathing email that annoyed the Texas Congressman.

The story about Obama is revealed in Jackson’s upcoming book; Hold The Line, where he exposes that Barack Obama sent him a nasty email concerning Ronnie Jackson’s tweet during the 2020 campaign.

In the Jackson tweet, he was highlighting Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and suggesting that he take a mental fitness test, the same one that Donald Trump took.

Jackson told Hannity that Obama quickly responded via email, telling the congressman he needed to express his disappointment and that the Tweet was unprofessional and beneath the office he once held.

Jackson told Hannity, “there was a push to to have Donald Trump take these cognitive tests and I was very clear and telling him whatever the results are and it’s not a particularly easy test, that they will be Used to the public. And I told them that Trump can absolutely shined. It was a complete outrage. Everyone was up in arms, all these Elites from academic medicine and the Press; they were relentless and their insistence that it was wrong. And as you know, he passed with flying colors. And, you know, that’s, this is kind of where this all originated.

You know, I saw that tweet one day when I was driving to campaign event that Ronna McDaniels put out showing Biden’s mistakes. I think was where he thought he was running for the Senate and they can remember which state he was in.

Remember and, you know, she tweeted out a video of it and I just I was a little frustrated with the double standard and I just replied to the tweet, I just retweeted. And I said, wow, does anybody remember the cognitive tests that I gave at real Donald Trump? The one that he aced looks like somebody else needs a test.

“That was it. That was a pretty benign tweet overall. That’s all I said within 20 minutes. Dang, I got a scathing email from President Obama. Just ripping me apart telling me you know it. It was beneath the office that I had served as a physician of,” Jackson said.

“And he said that his view of me as a Navy Admiral, he was disappointed in me and it was a betrayal of him and all the people I’ve worked with at the White House and so on and so forth. And, you know, you know, I was a little bit kind of, you know, he kind of had a weird effect on me,” Jackson said.

“Be honest with you and I kind of wanted to pick the phone up and call him right away, but I was late for a campaign event. So I went in and did the event first, I was going to call him when I went back out. But when I went out, I started thinking about it and I picked the phone up, and I called somebody that I knew would understand the weird situation that I was in and maybe some of the weird feelings,” he said.

“Because Dan worked with the Secret Service when I was at the White House he knew exactly what I’ve been going through. I called Dan and Dan just kind of cleared it up for me. Dan said, Ronnie, you don’t owe this guy a damn thing. He said, did he ever pick the phone up a single time when you were being butchered in the media for Trump’s test,” Jackson went on to say.

“Let it be known, as the White House physician for the last three presidents, I was the first to say that we have a serious problem with this man’s cognitive demise, and he will not make it four years in office,” Jackson further asserted, adding “I’ve always said there would come a point where it wouldn’t be just me talking about it, but his own party, and sadly, that has proven to be the case. Joe Biden’s cognitive failures are on full display for the whole world to see,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s comments come as Biden was seen landing in Israel and asking “what am I doing now?” before telling a crowd to “keep alive” the “honor of the Holocaust.”


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