Obama Quietly Working Behind The Scenes With Holder’s Army Of Election Workers To Skew Midterms

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Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder, who served in that capacity from 2009 to 2015, is serving as the Chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

The NDRC website states:

The NDRC will play a major role in protecting American democracy by launching an extensive electoral program in 17 states to defend the state and relevant local level offices that are crucial to protecting and strengthening our democracy.

Building our effective model that changed the game on redistricting, we are applying our success in previous election cycles to now shine a spotlight on the state and local races most important for protecting our democracy. The NDRC’s Democracy Defenders will serve as key firewalls against Republican and anti-democracy agendas in the states.”

The NDRC site shows a map of “Democracy Defenders” in the form of certain states, but nowhere does it note the fact that the United States of America is not a pure Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic led by laws and three branches of government for checks and balances, with aspects of democracy but not Democracy in its pure form.

Eric Holder, who is running the NDRC, is from New York City, a highly populated state that would have power if individual votes took over in place of the electoral system.

Holder received his undergraduate and law degrees from Columbia University in New York.

He is a member of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund’s National Board of Directors.

After 2015 he rejoined the legal firm Covington and Burling LLP, where he previously was a partner.

Holder is now appearing in the limelight again, giving interviews and promoting issues relating to elections.

Ignoring the fact that the United States of America was founded as and continues to be today a Constitutional Republic, Holder is concerned that the Republican Party is “just ain’t that into democracy.”

Holder spoke about his group’s midterm efforts in a recent interview with Sirius/XM host Joe Madison.

He is calling for poll workers, rather than to adhere to fair rules and ethics, to be a force against Republican efforts for that integrity.

He spoke about a pressing need to draft a group of polling workers in every state to combat Republicans and that his group was focusing on the problem.

Holder also warned that teams of Republicans working to prevent voter fraud in the midterm election would “muck up the process” and “intimidate people,” which he argued was a “threat” to democracy.

“The iteration of this Republican Party just ain’t that into democracy,” he said, warning that Republican efforts to secure elections would try to “guarantee themselves a positive result” in future elections.

It is interesting that Holder does not refer to the Democratic Party as also wanting to be successful in elections.

Holder’s statements due not refer to fair and equal election rules.

Holder said his committee was working on drafting teams of election monitors and polling workers in every state to fight Republicans and called for volunteers.

In the absence of some kind of countermeasures by those of us who favor democracy, they will take our democracy from us,” he said.

Holder also spoke about the midterm elections at the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival.

He chose to use military terms and addressed whoever is not “we” to be the enemy.

“If we want to be at the place where we need to be, it’s up to this generation at this time to make sure these changes occur. We have that capacity,” he said. “The cavalry is not coming. We are the cavalry.”

And now it seems that Holder has some Democratic big names coming to support his somewhat disturbing rhetoric.

Barak Obama has been low-key since he left the White House to Donald Trump, and despite being the first president since Woodrow Wilson to remain in the capital city after leaving the presidency, indicated that he was not interested in being active in politics, according to Brittanica.

At his final press conference, before he left office, Obama stated that although he intended to take a back seat, there might be several developments that would reverse that decision.

Some of those included the “systemic discrimination being ratified in some fashion,” the creation of obstacles to voting, and efforts to silence the press or dissent.

Obama did not seem to be disturbed by the media “fact checking” and social media blocking of conservative voices, but it seems he is stepping out on the other concerns of his.

Former President Barack Obama will host a fundraiser for his former Attorney General Eric Holder’s redistricting committee on August 30th, in a major step toward the initiatives Holder is describing for Democrats in the midterms, Breitbart noted.

The fundraiser for Holder’s committee will feature a dinner and a discussion about democracy, supporting legal efforts to help Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections, according to Politico’s Playbook.

Following Holder’s activist speech, the event will take place at Martha’s Vineyard.


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