Never Forget: Liz Cheney Increased Her Wealth by $36 Million After Serving Just 6.5 Years in Congress

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Tucker Carlson slammed former US Rep. Liz Cheney for getting rich, making close to 6 Million dollars a year, somehow- while she was in office as a public servant

Cheney’s salary from her work in DC was $174,000 per year as a member of Congress, which she has received since starting that job in 2017.

Just two years after she started in DC, Republican  Speaker Paul Ryan (RINO-WI) elevated her to the Chair of the House Republican Conference. Ryan did this knowing Cheney was a bombastic Never Trumper.

In 2018 Cheney’s estimated net worth, according to OpenSecrets,  was nearly $15 million.

So Cheney reportedly was worth $7 million in 2017, and in 2023 she is worth an estimated $44 million.

That is quite a huge bunch of money for someone who is supposed to be serving the public.

Tucker Carlson slammed her hard for her wealth:

Breitbart reported more details about Cheney’s accumulation of funds:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) will vacate her congressional seat on Tuesday after becoming a wealthy woman during her six years of serving Wyoming.

Cheney, who lost her Republican primary by nearly 40 points in August, will depart Congress on January 3 and return home as a defeated 56-year-old never Trumper.

Cheney will not depart Congress empty-handed. During her six years in Congress, she has become very wealthy. Breitbart News reported in August that Cheney’s net worth ballooned from an estimated $7 million when she first took office in 2017 to possibly more than $44 million in 2020. Depending on the specifics of her latest financial disclosure form, Cheney’s net worth could have skyrocketed up to 600 percent in Congress.

According to her 2020 Personal Financial Disclosure form, Cheney declared a net worth between $10,422,023 and $44,140,000, stemming from assets valued between $10,432,024 and $44,155,000. She reported no earned income, gifts, or transactions. She did, however, declare she held three posts, including a trustee position at the University of Wyoming, membership of a holding company, and what appears to be a position in her family’s trust.

Tucker Carlson previously did a segment discussing Liz Cheney’s massive wealth gain in Congress.

Watch the full video here.

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, it’s primary night in the state of Wyoming, and you know what that means. It means that very soon, Liz Cheney will have an endowed chair at AEI, writing a column for National Review, and writing a book titled “Democracy.”

She’s going to lose, it looks like, by a large margin, because God does exist.

But before she heads to retirement, we thought we would ask a pretty simple question: How does Liz Cheney get so rich? She’s been a member of Congress for six years.

When she took office in 2017, her net worth was estimated at seven million dollars, which is a lot for someone with no skills, but that’s what she had. Now, she’s worth more than forty-four million dollars, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which looked at her financial disclosure forms.

There’s probably an honest explanation for all of this. We’re not accusing her of robbing liquor stores, but you have to wonder, how did Liz Cheney make more than thirty-six million dollars in six years of public service? That’s six million a year. Huh! Good gig!

She didn’t report any earned income, gifts, or transactions on her disclosure form.

Her top listed assets were Citibank, three million dollars, and money from her husband’s law firm… also three million. There’s also money from a family trust, we assume that accounted for a lot of the cash, but we don’t know!

Whatever the case, it’s not Wyoming’s problem anymore. After tonight, Liz Cheney is going, back to where she’s actually from, suburban Virginia, probably running for president, and we look forward to that with great joy. She can be Kamala Harris’s running mate.

This is the swamp, Carlson said in closing.

On her way out the door, Cheney took the opportunity to trash Trump for the final time, as if that was what she was paid to do, saying:

“January 6 2021 was the first time an American president refused his constitutional duty to transfer power peacefully to the next,” the outgoing Wyoming Republican said on Monday. “In our work over the last 18 months, the Select Committee has recognized our obligation to do everything we can to ensure this never happens again.”

“At the beginning of our investigation, we understood that tens of millions of Americans had been persuaded by President Trump that the 2020 election was stolen by overwhelming fraud,” she said. “And we also knew this was flatly false. We knew that dozens of state and federal judges had addressed and resolved all manner of allegations about the election.”

“Our legal system functioned as it should but our president would not accept the outcome. Among the most shameful of this committee’s findings, was that President Trump sat in the dining room off the Oval Office watching the violent riot at the Capitol, on television for hours,” Ms. Cheney added. “He would not issue a public statement instructing his supporters to disperse and leave the Capitol, despite urgent pleas from his White House staff and dozens of others to do so.”

“Members of his family, his White House lawyers, virtually all those around him knew that this simple act was critical. For hours, he would not do it,” she said.

“During this time, law enforcement agents were attacked and seriously injured. The capital was invaded, the electoral count was halted and the lives of those in the capital were put at risk,” Ms. Cheney added. “In addition to being unlawful as described in our report. This was an utter moral failure and a clear dereliction of duty. Evidence of this can be seen in the testimony of President Trump’s own White House counsel, and several other White House witnesses.”

“No man who would behave that way at that moment in time can ever serve in any position of authority in our nation again. He is unfit for any office,” she said.

“The committee recognizes that our work has only begun. It’s only the initial step in addressing President Trump’s effort to remain in office illegally. Prosecutors are considering the implications of the conduct that we described in our report as are citizens all across our nation,” the Republican added.


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