Nancy Pelosi Just Created WAY MORE Questions Than Answers In Home Attack

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Questions in the case of the break-in at the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the attack on her husband are compounding as the matter, instead of being resolved, becomes more questionable.

David DePape, 42, was charged with attempted murder after he struck Paul Pelosi, 82, with a hammer after he broke into their house, calling out ‘Where’s Nancy’. A week has passed since the hammer attack and Pelosi is home recovering from injuries to his skull and major surgery, but many questions are still unanswered.
There was a question as to a third person, but law enforcement officials confirmed Paul Pelosi and the suspect, DePape, were the only two people at the Pelosi residence when police responded.

The confusion stemmed from media reports that followed a press conference on October 28 when San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) Chief Bill Scott said that when officers knocked on the front door of the Pelosi residence, ‘the door was opened by someone inside’ and officers spotted Pelosi and DePape ‘inside the entryway of the home.’ There was also confusion about the wording in the court documents that referred to ‘another man’ when Pelosi was on phone with 911.

The question of how the intruder gained access was answered by a court filing said DePape smashed his shoulder through a glass window early Friday in the back of the Pelosis’ home and confronted a sleeping Paul, clad only in boxer shorts and a pajama top.

While at the scene, DePape looked at the glass door and told investigators that was where he broke into the house. Officers later recovered his bag containing another hammer, a laptop, and more bags of zip ties outside the damaged glass doors.

However, some say the glass door looks like it may have been smashed from the inside.

On a segment of BlazeTV podcast ‘What We Know So Far,’ Glenn Beck questioned the back door being broken: ‘It appears to be busted from the inside,’ he noted. ‘I mean I watched enough Colombo excuse me sir one more thing when the glass be on the inside of the door and not the outside of the door but we don’t know what kind of glass it was . . . we have no idea.’

Another question is how is it so easy to gain entrance to a house owned by the third in line to the presidency.

The San Francisco Police Department often posted a patrol car at the Pelosi house, particularly after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack at the Capitol, but there was no police car present at the home during the time of the attack, as Pelosi was in Washington at the time and under the protection of her security detail, which does not extend to family members. She quickly returned to San Francisco, where her husband was hospitalized and underwent surgery for a skull fracture and other injuries.

Immediately following the incident, San Francisco Police officers Kolby Wilmes and Kyle Cagney were dispatched to the residence of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi around 2:27 a.m. on Friday, October 28, for an ‘A-priority’ well-being check.

When they rang the doorbell, DePape reportedly told Pelosi not to open the door, but Pelosi did anyway using his left hand. Pelosi and DePape stood in the dimly lit foyer and faced the officers as Pelosi calmly greeted them, according to the police report

When one of the officers asked the men what was going on, DePape responded ‘everything’s good’ and pulled his hands toward his body. When an officer turned on his flashlight, DePape could be seen holding the bottom handle of the hammer with one hand and Pelosi’s right arm with the other. Pelosi’s right hand was also on the handle of the hammer.

When an officer ordered for the men to ‘drop the hammer,’ DePape raised the hammer and said, ‘um, nope’ as he tried to pull it away from Pelosi who exclaimed ‘hey, hey!’ DePape then gained control of it and struck Pelosi’s head, which knocked Pelosi unconscious. Officers immediately tackled DePape and arrested him.

Apparently, the two responding officers witnessed DePape hit Pelosi with the hammer, striking him in the head, the court filing states. The assault was also captured on the officers’ body cameras.

DePape’s post are at odds with banners he flew. While social media posts indicate that DePape is on the far right, neighbors noted his politics were far to the left. They said he had Black Live Matter flags and an LGBT rainbow flag outside his home.

DePape made social media posts were filled with tirades against Jewish people, black people, Democrats, the media and transgender people, under categories such as ‘Trannies,’ ‘Da Jewbs’ and ‘Great Reset.’ By late August, DePape seemed to become engrossed in Twitter’s decision to ban Jordan Peterson for his posts about transgender people after the Canadian psychologist compared being transgender to ‘satanic ritual abuse.’ More recently, amid backlash to rapper Kanye West’s tweet declaring war on the Jewish people, DePape posted: ‘We are ALL the Jews’ slave race, Daily Mail reported.


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