MLB Caught Supporting and Funding Mutilating Children

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Baseball is one of the greatest American pastimes in sports and entertainment, so it is no surprise that anti-American forces hoping to transform the country from what it was, into utopian leftist dreams, would target the industry that baseball has become and turn that industry ‘woke’ and make a massive marketing platform for woke policies.

Now we have baseball-sponsored political propaganda, and Americans are miserable about it, but unsure what they can do other than just stop watching.

Media reports are starting to expose the deep and complex tactics of using sports institutions like the MLB, to push an unpopular national transgender agenda.

“An analysis by National Review shows an unseemly trend among 20 Major League Baseball teams supporting organizations that perform sex change operations on children.

The magazine reviewed the causes and organizations to which these teams are handing out millions of dollars in donations and found that many support sex-change surgery, hormone treatments, and other dangerous procedures for “transitioning” teens and pre-teens,” Todd Huston reported for Breitbart News.

National Review, in their article, MLB’s Unseemly Support for Youth Gender Transitions reported that almost every team in the league “promote or fund groups that encourage or provide sex-change procedures and gender-transition hormone treatment for minors as young as 12. Other organizations promote ‘social transitions’ — i.e., nonmedical changes in ‘gender expression,’ including the adoption of new names, pronouns, and clothing — for children as young as three.

Huston reported:

Much of the support these teams are lending is organized under the rubric of the widespread LGBTQ “Pride Nights” that the league pushes.

Along with the yearly events in the stadiums, the teams also donate money to a number of advocacy groups — usually local groups, but often national groups, as well.

The Detroit Tigers, for instance, support the Ruth Ellis Center and Corktown Health in Detroit, the magazine noted.

At the checkout page for tickets to the Pride Night game, the Tigers website offered ‘a chance to support a local Pride organization of your choice,’ with a drop-down menu that included LGBT-focused clinics such as the Ruth Ellis Center and Corktown Health, both of which perform medical gender transitions on minors.

On top of masculinizing and feminizing drugs, at least one — the Ruth Ellis Center — included irreversible ‘gender affirming surgery’ in its suite of ‘transition care for transgender youth’ options.

Another charity promoted by the Tigers, the Trans Sistas of Color Project, was actively funding groups such as ‘Trans Minors Rights,’ which ‘advocates for empowering transgender youth to make their own decisions regarding puberty blockers’ — i.e., ‘without requiring the consent of a parent.’ (The group’s tagline: ‘Unblock blockers.’)

According to the National Review,  the Tigers are only one example, and that the MLB “Pride Resource Guide” promotes a long list of “social justice” groups that also push transgenderism on kids.

The report found that five teams promoted groups that push dangerous surgeries on trans kids and four teams partner with organizations that provide counseling and referrals to youths for such medical procedures.

And another five teams promote groups that offer guides and promotion of the transgender lifestyle, including.

Finally, six teams support groups that have lobbyists for the trans cause and otherwise advocate for the transgender lifestyle.

“It’s a classic case of institutional capture by the Left,” the magazine concluded. It is up to the fans to speak out and urge the league to reverse course on this outrageous advocacy,” Huston reported.

And he is right.

According to a 2018 press release, sports teams have been singled out for their ‘Sports Diversity Leadership Council’:

“We are excited to be honoring these outstanding organizations and individuals who have made great inroads in sports diversity,” said Compete CEO, Eric Carlyle.
The Arizona Diamondbacks are being honored for their “D-backs Pride Pack,” the Arizona Coyotes are recognized for their Rainbow Pride apparel and the NFL is being honored for its work in diversity, including women coaches”

According to the The Sports Diversity Leadership Council (DEIB) : 

The Sports Diversity Council (SDC) is a non-profit organization founded to promote DEIB within the professional sports industry. Our goal is to be both an advocate and a resource for all things DEIB. We hope to bring leagues, teams, agencies, sports associations and business professionals together for learning and growth. SDC provides training, consulting, coaching and events centered on DEIB Best Practices. Our end goal is to facilitate growth, knowledge and change.

The group’s mission is economic pressure for social justice:

“Companies and leaders that reflect the commitment to relentlessly driving forward and embedding positive change across all teams and departments, bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the next level. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion play an important role in maintaining a business’ competitive advantage.

In this time of increasing social change and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to recognize leaders who are promoting authentic diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Sports Inclusion Council is excited to announce this recognition program which seeks to honor the outstanding organizations and outspoken individuals who are going above and beyond to bolster equality across all areas of diversity; including age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race and religion.”

And the MLB, along with other national sports institutions, are in partnership with the groups who are pushing the transgender agenda, according to this site: ”

In 2012, the Diversity and Inclusion Sports Coalition, “DISC,” was established to create a network and strategic planning network for practicing diversity sports professionals.

Each year a League member hosts the Annual Sports Diversity & Inclusion Symposium. The symposium provides a forum to present, discuss, evaluate and create tangible solutions that drive great diversity and inclusion in today’s sport culture.

Some of the most influential and prominent diversity leaders from Major Leagues, Olympic, Paralympic, and professional and amateur athletic organizations across the country participate in expert panels, roundtable discussions and serve as keynote speakers.

In 2015, MLB, in partnership with MiLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL (2012 host), NHL, PGA (2014 host), USOC (2013 host), USTA, WNBA and others, will host the fourth annual Sports Diversity & Inclusion Symposium.”

That is the direction of sports and entertainment. It has been a plan for a long time and here we are.


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