Missouri Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill, No Drop Boxes or Ballot Harvesting

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Back in January, an alleged Georgia ballot trafficking whistleblower said he made $45,000 by stuffing election ballot boxes from 2 to 5 AM in the morning.

As part of a True the Vote investigation, 242 people were identified as alleged ballot traffickers. Many ballots could have been stuffed into the ballot boxes in Georgia. Enough to change the outcome of the election, even.

After hearing that a ballot trafficker had begun speaking in Georgia after he had been paid thousands of dollars for stuffing ballot boxes in a massive ballot harvesting scheme, John Fredericks appeared with Steve Bannon on The War Room.

Fredericks stated:

‘Here’s the bottom line. You can’t ballot harvest in Georgia. What turned this around is that a whistleblower in Georgia came forward.

On the tapes, they identified 240 of the same people going around the state stuffing ballot drop boxes between 2 and 5 AM… where they were emptying backpacks out and they were dropping 50, 100 ballots into a dropbox. This is totally illegal…

Here’s the bottom line, right? The one whistleblower that came forward because allegedly his mom said, hey what you’re doing is wrong and you need to be honest about it. Own up to it. He said that he was paid $10 per ballot… And he made $45,000 between November 3rd and the runoff…

He said this was the average payout. There were 240 people of the same ones over and over in the same car involved in it. You start doing the math here. 45,000 time 240 people… You’ve got $11 million dollars distributed illegally. Then you take 4500 ballots by 240 people. You’re talking about a million ballots!’

Now, states are working to stop another election fiasco.

Conservative legislatures are working hard to close each and every loophole to prevent another stolen election season in November. Potential ways in which unfriendly actors could skew the results of elections taking place in November.

It’s a travesty what happened in 2020, but conservatives can learn from it when it comes to the Left’s overthrowing of democracy.

Missouri is the latest state to stabilize its elections using straightforward guidelines.

Missouri senator Bob Onder announced the news on Facebook. You can see the statement here:

The Missouri Independent reported:

The Missouri Senate passed a wide-ranging elections bill Monday that would enact a photo ID requirement to vote as well as create a window to cast an absentee ballot without an excuse.

The bill will now go back to the House, which can send it to the governor or ask for a conference to work out differences.

After a nine-hour Democratic filibuster last week, Democrats agreed to let the bill come to a vote after adding an amendment to allow for in-person, no-excuse absentee voting during the two weeks before an election at the local election authority office. A move to allow for satellite in-person absentee voting was squashed.

The bill also includes several recommendations — such as prohibiting touchscreen voting machines and requiring a number of cybersecurity checks — that came out of hearings last summer, where legislators heard a parade of debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

“It is in all of our interest to have an election that is as free and fair as possible,” said Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis. “And voting on Election Day with a voter ID, free of outside influence and outside money is really the right move for an election integrity.”

Many of the problems in 2020 will be addressed by the election integrity bill. The video mentions some of them, but the bill contains much more detail. This next election cycle in Missouri will feature a much louder and better representation of the voices of Missouri voters.

Following are a few highlights from HB1878. They explain how a provisional ballot can be requested. Bottom line: they are hard to copy since they are uniquely marked (less likely to be counterfeited) and it’s required to have a driver’s license.

77 (2) No person shall be entitled to receive a provisional ballot until such person

78 has completed a provisional ballot affidavit on the provisional ballot envelope. All

79 provisional ballots shall be marked with a conspicuous stamp or mark that makes them

80 distinguishable from other ballots.

81 (3) The provisional ballot envelope shall be completed by the voter for use in

82 determining the voter’s eligibility to cast a ballot.

83 3. The provisional ballot envelope shall provide a place for the voter’s name,

84 address, date of birth, and last four digits of his or her Social Security number, followed 85 by a certificate in substantially the following form:

In the bill, the signature form covers nearly 50 lines. This is a big document. You must also give a current, non-expired state-issued identification card when turning in your ballot at the designated voting location.

103 The document contains an expiration

104 date and is not expired, or if expired, the

105 document expired after the date of the 106 most recent general election; and…

It’s definitely a positive start. No drop sites, no ballot harvesting, as Senator Onder mentions. A comprehensive cyber security program and air gapping of voting machines. It is well documented how these activities affected key battlegrounds such as Georgia in 2020.

Leftists were screaming about the bill even before it passed, stating that voter suppression has once again been committed. It’s interesting how the Left lashes out whenever transparency is advised.

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