Mike Pence plows ahead with plans to run for president in 2024

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Mike Pence (RINO), one of the nation’s leading ‘Never Trumpers’ who served under President Donald J. Trump, appears to be determined to flaunt his outrageous betrayal of Trump and the American people.

Reports are that he is behaving as if he is just a sweet innocent lamb- but the American people are rejecting him. The mental disconnect on Pence’s part about his popularity is making many people very uncomfortable as it feels like Pence is delusional.

Rumors had circulated since before Jan 6th, 2021, that Pence had plans of escalating his own political career at any cost, which began in the early days of the Trump administration when Pence slew the National Security Advisor – Gen. Mike Flynn. Pence set Flynn on a path of federal persecution, into the hands of the deepest Swamp monsters that kept Flynn in turmoil for years- and away from defending the USA and serving the American people that Flynn loves so much.

Pence may have believed that his betrayal of Trump, and everyone else, was going to be celebrated, and he would rise to victory in the first days after the Jan. 6th drama. But that did not happen. Indeed we may never have seen more grandiosity than that of what Pence shows the American public.

Pence has made gestures that he plans to run for POTUS in 2024.

It is questionable what Pence believes he has done to foment a political movement behind him to get him back in the White House, this time as President- but he is not stopping according to reports.

Pence, even though he was free to try to speak at CPAC in Feb of 2021, just a few weeks after the events at the US Capitol, chose to hide from his lack of popularity with Republicans.

At that first official event with Republicans after Trump’s 2020 loss, 96% of Republicans responded they wanted to advance Trump’s America First agenda, with 1% of people feeling that Pence was the best person to do that job.

That could be why he chose to speak in the same town of Orlando while Republicans were in town, but at a venue outside of the CPAC gathering- giving Republicans their first indication of Pence’s outsing from the party.

The Daily Mail reported on Pence’s attempts to get support for a potential run for POTUS in 2024:

Former Vice President Mike Pence defended his role in refusing Donald Trump’s demand that he send back votes in an interview on the same day the House January 6th committee played video of an aide who said Trump called him a ‘p****.’

Pence, who has not appeared before the committee, spoke as his former counsel Mark Jacob and former chief of staff Marc Short, testified that they and Pence from the get-go a legal theory that the vice president had unilateral authority to reject certified votes.

Trump and a circle of advisors were clinging to that theory until the last days of his presidency and saying both publicly and online on January 6 that Pence lacked ‘courage.’

It is a phrasing he has also used in public speeches, but it came on a day when the House January 6th Committee focused on his pivotal role. The committee said rioters, some of whom were chanting to ‘hang Mike Pence,’ at one point were within 40 feet of him after the Secret Service rushed him out of his ceremonial office in the Senate.

Lawmakers, including Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY), saluted his bravery in resisting Trump and upholding his ceremonial role that day.


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