Michigan State Police Seize Voting Machines From 2020 Elections

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Election Night 2020 was a complete mystery to even the most seasoned of political watchers when counting stopped just as it appeared that President Donald J. was going to be called as the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. And then Joe

What resulted in the months after that was a further confusing mess of “release the Kraken” messaging about an obviously fraudulent election, focusing on electronic voting machines. At the same time there were groups that started to focus on the use of ballot harvesting for the election.

When that Kracken evidence didn’t materialize, people, in general, gave up hope of seeing anything fixed in our massively corrupt system.

There were reports and personalities who tried to convince people to not give up, to focus on ballots, but the belief in the American process did fall to new lows over the last year.

Enter the documentary- 2000 Mules.

Then comes Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote who  got their evidence of wrongdoing in the media’s arena- showing law enforcement evidence, as Red State describes it:

In the form of cell phone location data, ballot drop box surveillance video, and more, to suggest that there was a coordinated effort in key states (those in which a small number of votes could swing the state and, therefore, the Electoral College) to illegally “harvest” ballots by paying “mules” to deposit them into drop boxes throughout the given metropolitan area in the month before the election, in numbers that were small enough to fly under the radar on daily counts yet large enough to change the state’s outcome on Election Night.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza took this data and interviewed witnesses to create the documentary “2000 Mules,” in collaboration with Salem Media Group, to explain what True the Vote found.

The Associated Press claims that “2000 Mules” did not prove that “at least 2,000 ‘mules’ were paid to illegally collect ballots and deliver them to drop boxes in key swing states ahead of the 2020 presidential election” mainly because the findings are “based on false assumptions about the precision of cellphone tracking data and the reasons that someone might drop off multiple ballots, according to experts,” but the piece lists a few other areas in which they believe the film perpetuated falsehoods.

But other Americans see otherwise:

“I don’t believe anybody’s going to be prosecuted there is no justice in the United States,” David Conroy posted on Twitter, which reflects the beliefs many Americans have at the current time, after watching so much corruption go unanswered.

However, there is evidence that investigations into both the ballot harvesting and the use of machines is ongoing.

But there is a glimmer of hope that someone cares in the State of Michigan, who are escalating their investigations at the same time, into the voting machines, according to media reports.

“Michigan State Police Seize Voting Machines As It Expands Probe Into Potential Breaches Tied To 2020 Election,” Martin Walsh reported for Conservative Brief.

Last Friday, state police seized a voting machine tabulator in Irving Township, Barry County Clerk Pamela Palmer told CNN.

The investigation began a few months ago amid allegations from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office that a third party accessed elections data and technology in Roscommon County.

Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll said the probe was expanding but did not provide specific details.

“If we find more examples of unauthorized access, we talk to those officials to find out what transpired,” Carroll added.

“As we found out more information we’ve expanded our area to see if any other places were compromised,” said Carroll, declining to comment on Irving specifically, according to Reuters. “We have gone to other regions.”

“The Michigan State Police has expanded its investigation into whether third parties gained unauthorized access to voting machine data after the 2020 election, and is now examining potential breaches in at least one new county,” CNN reported.

CNN reported:

In a raid last Friday, state police seized one voting machine tabulator in Irving Township, Barry County Clerk Pamela Palmer told CNN on Thursday.

Palmer told CNN that she was not aware of any issues until police notified her of the voting machine seizure.

Michigan State Police first opened its investigation into potential voting machine breaches in February after the Secretary of State’s Office notified it that an unnamed third party was allowed to access vote tabulator components and technology in Roscommon County.

Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll told CNN on Wednesday that the department’s investigation has expanded to more counties where they were notified of breaches of election systems, but would not confirm the seizure in Irving Township specifically.

It’s unclear if the investigation includes localities beyond Roscommon County and Irving Township but a source familiar with the investigation told CNN that state police are aware of a third potential breach.

These potential breaches did not affect results in the 2020 election, Carroll said, noting the breaches occurred after the election was complete.

“Irving Township Supervisor Jamie Knight said the state police and office of Attorney General Dana Nessel seized the town’s tabulator ‘pursuant to a search warrant’ last Friday,” Reuters reported.

“The Township intends to fully cooperate with law enforcement, and the Township attorneys have been in contact with the Michigan State Police regarding this matter,” Knight said in an emailed statement.

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