Michigan State Police gets warrants to seize voting machines and election records

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The lapdog media has demonized anyone who has questioned the results of the 2020 election, to the point where the general public, who has experienced massive gaslighting since Nov. 2020, may have a difficult time comprehending the fact that the 2020 election is still being investigated.

And the media is now admitting with their coverage of the investigations into the actions of “Trump allies”, that they know the results of an election can be tampered with.

Influential media outlets and Marxist politicians are trying desperately to hide the fact that there are continuing probes into ballot harvesting and machines, which are ongoing. Evidence is still coming to the surface in several states where there were longtime concerns about election integrity and voter fraud- esp. where there was the use of electronic tallying machines to tabulate votes.

So what does the Marxist left do? They cause chaos and fill the air with misinformation; they bully and intimate through lawfare, threatening soviet-style trials by their media allies.

They go out of their way to show what hypocrites they are. Like with the following story that proves the media and the left know the vote-tallying machines and records can – in fact- be tampered with.

But they only want to focus on when they think supporters of Trump’s are doing things- it’s crazy.

It is important to remember that what the media calls ‘voting equipment’ are electronics that are used to take the place of human counters and bipartisan witnesses.  The machines are doing the same job that gives us the results of the election, so there is nothing dastardly about investigating the security of such electronics for authenticity.

Of course, the lapdog media will do anything to protect their masters when the stories of actual fraud make it into the public stream of news. So watch for a furry of pushback from them.

And here they are -heady with excitement- to cover the story and put a nefarious twist on it when Republicans- who are investigating the accuracy of the machines -are being investigated.

It is because the Trump supporters were ‘unauthorized,’ media reports claim.  Interesting.

Yes- Republicans who wanted to investigate vote-tallying machines are being accused of breaching- and tampering with the machines- that we are told by Democrats and RINOS could never be breached or tampered with.

Figure that one out.

How is this possible that our elected representatives are being scrutinized for investigating the electronics that tally our elections?  This sounds like an undeveloped third world, right?

But this is us.  We are here. Republicans who are inspecting vote-tallying machines for accuracy are being persecuted, harassed, and now face legal consequences- for doing their jobs.

And now the law is investigating the machines. This is so crazy.

The Daily Mail reported on one such case:

State police in Michigan have obtained warrants to seize voting equipment and election-related records in at least three towns and one county in the past six weeks, police records show, widening the largest known investigation into unauthorized attempts by allies of former President Donald Trump to access voting systems.

The previously unreported records include search warrants and investigators’ memos obtained by Reuters through public records requests. The documents reveal a flurry of efforts by state authorities to secure voting machines, poll books, data-storage devices and phone records as evidence in a probe launched in mid-February.

The state´s investigation follows breaches of local election systems in Michigan by Republican officials and pro-Trump activists trying to prove his baseless claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

The gaslighting is astounding here. Who is authorized to inspect the tallying machines? And if access to the tallying machines is so private- why are we using them in open and free elections? And if the Democrats are concerned about the machines being tampered with- doesn’t that prove that the machines are vulnerable to being tampered with to bring about a certain result?

“The police documents reveal, among other things, that the state is investigating a potential breach of voting equipment in Lake Township, a small, largely conservative community in northern Michigan’s Missaukee County. The previously unreported case is one of at least 17 incidents nationwide, including 11 in Michigan, in which Trump supporters gained or attempted to gain unauthorized access to voting equipment,” The Daily Mail reported.

A breach of the voting equipment means that the vote tallying machines are sensitive, vulnerable, and corruptable- right?

But notice that is only one way- when Conservatives in a Conservative community- in a questionable state inspect machines- then it is a “breach”, especially if any of them supported President Donald J. Trump.  Apparently doing that is a reason for suspicion from the law.

The Daily Mail has a detailed accounting of who in Michigan is being inspected for their allegiance to the Marxist left:

Additionally, the records shed new light on election-equipment breaches in Roscommon County. One official in the county´s Richfield Township told investigators that he gave two vote-counting tabulators to an unauthorized and unidentified ‘third party,’ who kept them for several weeks in early 2021. The county’s clerk acknowledged that she, too, handed over her equipment to unauthorized people.

Taken together, these documents depict a statewide push by pro-Trump activists to access election machinery in search of evidence for debunked theories that equipment was rigged in a crucial swing state that voted for Trump in 2016 and for Democrat Joe Biden in 2020.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson told Reuters that the state is investigating whether the election-system breaches are coordinated.

‘If there is coordination, whether it’s among those in our state or reaching up to a national level, we can determine that and then we can seek accountability for all involved,’ Benson, a Democrat, said in an interview.

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